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Daisy Love Fragrance Direct

I'm not sure that this heatwave will ever end - the summer of 18' will forever be known for sun dappled days, endless ice cream's and weekends flocking to the beach to lap up the sun!
I've become quite adept at packing for these long, summery days. With a pair of sunnies, a book, spf and often the remnants of a picnic lurking at the bottom of my bag, I've also been popping in Marc Jacobs Daisy Love, a steal from Fragrance Direct, to freshen up with throughout the day.

I'm all about making home updates right now, switching things up, moving things around and updating a few pieces to make my home a cosy, inspiring place!
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I've been adding prints and cards to brighten up my home this Spring - framing, pinning and scattering pictures to make things feel a little cosier and nice.
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