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Despite the sudden (and very typical) downpour on the first day of spring here in the UK, the change of season is finally here! The air is scented with cut grass and fresh laundry as people tend to their waking gardens after the long winter's slumber and daffodils, crocuses and tulips spring up, brightening the world again.

From being quite set on muted tones and berries through the transition into spring, I've started to embrace pastels again to welcome me into the warmer months. I've actually pulled out a few shimmery violet and soft lilac tones too!

After spending months without my beloved Origins Ginzing Moisturiser, I repurchased a pot for spring. It's safe to say that I won't be without this heavenly, citrus scented pick again! It's lightweight, gel like texture means that a little goes a long way. It leaves skin radiant, hydrated and feeling refreshed - it's divine!

For an all over pampering treat, the dreamy Scrubee from Lush is the one. This combines nourishing butters and oils with exfoliating ground almonds and coconut to polish, pamper and preen the skin. The honey sweet and uplifting citrus scent is unreal, a great all-rounder for spring!

For fragrance, I've pulled out Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream, a breezy, feminine scent with notes of blackberry, jasmine, pear and blue wisteria. It's delicate, airy and floral whilst being warm and light, ideal for the warmer weather!  

On my nails, I'm planning on bringing Essie Eternal Optimist with me through spring, and probably summer too - I just can't get enough of this rosy shade! Another pick, Essie's Ladylike, is a gorgeous creamy muted mauve hue, a great neutral shade for the wedding season.

For blusher, I adore the Hourglass Blusher in Diffused Heat. This perky coral pink blusher boosts radiance with it's bursts of ambient lighting powder and works to create a flawless glow. Paired with the Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette, they make a dreamy match for dewy spring skin. 

I've pulled out a couple of brights for my lips, the Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Yu is my go-to for a pop of pink. A gorgeous, creamy, long lasting and pigmented formula, this vibrant pink helps to perk up tired skin and is ideal for a fresh, dewy look. The Charlotte Tilbury Coachella Coral, a pretty coral pink is a great every day pick too! 

On my eyes, I've been feeling a little uninspired with eyeshadows lately and so I've opted for the Nars Duo in Violetta to try and move away from the everyday champagne shades that I normally reach for. I'm planning on patting the shimmery violet hue on my lids or smudging the muted lavender under my lower lashes. I really need to add a new palette to my collection, I love the look of this Zoeva palette
Lastly, The Nyx Jumbo Eyeliner in Milk is a tired eye saviour, added onto the waterline it really brightens up the eyes!

What are your beauty picks for spring?

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knitted blanket womens institute wool

Not just for Autumn/Winter, Spring is the ideal time to knit and to start working on a snug blanket. That way, when the colder months roll round again your blanket will be nearly finished! I've combined stockinette stitch (knit one line, purl one line - love this easy to follow along tutorial) with this gorgeous wool that's speckled with peach, pink and lilac. It's such a cute mismatch pattern, soft, cosy and will look ideal thrown over the arm of my sofa!

flower pressing

Pressing Flowers & Leaves
Another great hobby for spring, the array of fresh blooms available make this the ideal season to press flowers and the perfect way to preserve some of your favourite blooms. 
Take your pick from wildflowers, daisies, leaves or petals - start with small pieces and place in-between sheets of blotting paper, or kitchen roll. Then place in a flower press, or within the pages of a heavy book and leave for a few days! Sometimes they need the paper changing and a bit longer to dry out and sometimes they're ready right away! I like to place mine in gilded glass frames, like this one - they look so pretty!  

hobbies for spring

My favourite Sunday activity, getting lost in a book with a hot chocolate is the perfect way to wind down and relax. Once the home is tidy and clean, I like to snuggle up on the sofa, light a few candles and completely switch off with a book for a few hours! From reading about the thousands of floating candles in the Great Hall at Hogwarts to getting lost in the enchantments and whimsy of Caraval - there's always something exciting to get stuck into!

What are your favourite hobbies to do in spring?
As tree's unfold in full bloom, sleepy queen bee's drift in the mild breeze and the first signs of hayfever tickle your nose, it's truly beginning to feel like spring! I take this as an indicator, a green light of sorts to kickstart the spring cleaning - clearing clutter and ensuring that every corner of my home is squeaky clean! Whilst tackling my bathroom, I noticed that my Lush supplies were dwindling, my last sparkly pumpkin a crumbly, sorry mess and a lonely magic wand with the bell missing from the festive season. I decided to take to Lush to spy their new spring collections and to replenish my stash. I thought I would share the pieces that caught my eye, along with a couple of old favourites that always make a re-appearance for me at this time of the year too!

Oh my, this smells heavenly! With a honey sweet, rich, warming and uplifting citrus fragrance, this mouthwatering, moisturising scrub smells good enough to eat! It's cleverly striped with layers of exfoliating ground almond and coconut pieces and richly nourishing shea butter, coco butter and coconut oil. It leaves skin silky soft - it's a whole pampering treatment in one! I've completely fallen for this cute lil bee, I'm tempted to pick up another to stock up!

I'm a sucker for Lush's shower gels, they lather beautifully, leave skin soft and the scent normally lingers for hours after. I picked this up on a whim - described as a floral bouquet of jasmine and rose, with uplifting neroli to lift spirits, I couldn't resist. However, the scent is so subtle - a plus if you find Lush scents a tad strong, but for me it was a bit of a let down. It leaves skin soft and extremely clean but it's also very pigmented, so orange that it took a lot of rising to remove! It's possible that I got a faulty batch - I haven't seen any other reviews yet so I can't compare, but I think next time I'll stick to something I love - like the Comforter Shower Cream.

I fall for this toffee sweet sparkly egg each year, it's reminiscence to the Harry Potter Triwizard Tournament Golden Egg just makes it irresistible to me! The glittery gold layers melt away when placed in the bath, infusing the water with a luxe, moisturising mix of oils. With olive oil, cocobutter and uplifting sweet orange and bergamot oils, it's ideal for parched, post winter skin! 

This gorgeous, buttery, multi-purpose balm is an all over pampering treat! It contains shea butter, mango butter, coconut oil, beeswax, lanolin, avocado oil... so many nourishing ingredients! You only need the smallest amount of this lemon meringue pie scented pick to smooth over any dry patches and it leaves skin soft and supple.

This year round saviour is a staple to keep lips in top condition. It buffs, smooths and preps lips with hydrating coconut oil, jojoba oil and sea salt and caster sugar to exfoliate. Another divine scented pick from Lush, it's toffee sweet, buttery and has a hint of sea salt - Yum!

Have you spied the new Lush Spring collections yet?
Spring's unsettled weather is one that demands both sunglasses and an umbrella, with lashing rain one day and cool spring sunshine the next, it's difficult to get a grasp on the unpredictable days! I thought that I would share the products that work for me in every season, from autumn to summer, through rain or shine!

For nails, I've placed aside my berrys suited for autumn, festive glitters and summery corals in favour of two failsafe picks. Essie Fifth Avenue is the perfect all rounder shade, a bright, glossy orange red that's so chic! Essie Eternal Optimist is another everyday pick, a creamy spiced tea rose and pretty pink - it's so flattering on! This rosy pick gels well with Spring, brightens up gloomy, rainy days and adds a delicate, feminine twist to an icy winter's morning.

A helping hand towards a dewy, radiant complexion never goes amiss! The Nars Radiance Primer uses pearlescent peach pink pigments along with added skincare benefits to boost vitality, making dull lacklustre skin a thing of the past. Smoothed over the skin, it makes a great base for make up or dotted on the high points before make up - cheekbones, brow bone and the bridge of your nose, it helps to perk up tired skin!

For cheeks, the cult Nars Orgasm, a warm pink blusher with a divine golden sheen helps to impart a wash of radiance and warmth to the skin, brightening up the complexion all year round. The texture is unreal - buttery soft, blendable and it's so saturated - a staple in my make up bag!
Dusted over the cheekbones, lightly on the temples and down the nose, theBalm Mary Lou Highlighter emits a gorgeous glow. This shimmery, champagne highlighter gives a flawless finish and lasts all day!

For eyes, I find that even glittery picks can work all year round, through sunshine or showers! I normally reach for MAC Honeylust, a versatile peachy bronze pick with a hint of sparkle. It pairs well with bright lips for spring, vampy lips for winter and muted tones too!

Lastly for an everyday lip, MAC Mehr is the one. This flattering mauve pink lipstick compliments most looks, making it my top pick and year-round shade. The slight berry tone means that it works through autumn and winter, it pairs well with (my signature everyday) liquid liner flick and dewy skin too! 

What are your year-round favourites?
Writing is something that I've totally fallen in love with through blogging. It was always something that I struggled with the most on my blog, until about a year ago when I set my mind to improving my skills. Styling and photography always used to be my first love when it came to composing a post, but now I love the writing aspect just as much!

When it comes to writing, or storytelling, with just one line, a small sentence you can leave a reader gripped in their seat, make them travel across tumbling, glistening seas, glide through smoke as they flit across the universe - anything you can dream! 
I try to keep a hint of this, a sprinkle of magic when I write. Even though whilst talking about lipsticks and candles it can be a little tricky, I like to think that it keeps things interesting, and it keeps me inspired, always wanting to learn more and work harder.

"The Christmas decorations are down, there's a general slump and gloomy feel as sleet mixed rain lashes at the windows, hard winter frosts vein through the streets and icy draughts nip at your skin. Bundled up in a squashy, soft dressing gown with candles lit, a mug of tea and slippered feet, a restful wintry routine is a welcome treat on the harsh winter weekends. "  - full post here.

I'm still learning every day and I'm no way an expert but with photography how to's, tips and tricks galore I thought I would share a few of my tips for the other side of blogging, the writing!

In my opinion, this is the best way to advance your writing as reading allows you to learn and equips you with the knowledge to improve your writing. Choose books you love, and devour them! Each author has a different writing style, so just keep reading as much as you can! I always have a book on the go and normally opt for YA fantasy picks (my favourite), I ensure to make time to read each day, normally for half an hour or so before bed.

Set The Mood
Another important factor for me, is to set the mood. Surround yourself with things that inspire you and encourage you to focus. If I'm struggling with writers block or can't seem to stop procrastinating then I light a few candles, make a peppermint tea and pop on It instantly sets me up to write!

I'm always learning new words, I find that jotting down my favourites in a notebook helps me if I'm stuck or struggling to describe something. I also look out for words that catch my eye, that I love and note them down to use. Alex always laughs when I say ethereal, I try and say it as often as I can - I just love the word!

Get Inspiration 
Again from books, but also magazines, beauty articles, see how copywriters words seem to just flow - and take note!
I recommend reading anything that Jennie writes - her way with words is so lovely, inspirational and captivating! I also am in awe of Michelle's writing style - it's so beautiful!

Do you have any tips for writing posts?
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