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1. Make lot's of pancakes - this banana vegan pancakes recipe is my absolute favourite... I like to mix some almond butter with a splash of hot water and maple syrup to make a delicious drizzle to go over them!
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I'm not sure whether it's because spring is just around the corner but I've been really in the mood for a good clear out- starting with my make up!
I have a tendency to hang onto old things 'just incase' or because the packaging is so pretty and I can't bear to part with it. So after a ruthless sort through of my stash, I've made a few new purchases, a repurchase or two and said goodbye to some old, expired makeup!
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I'm not quite sure how it's nearly Valentines Day already, February is just flying by!
There's so many pretty things in store right now- cute heart and rosy picks that have been stacking up on my wishlist. Valentines themed pieces are some of my faves, I just can't resist the all the pink velvets, dreamy blush picks and glittery red hearts!
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