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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Mac Please Me

Mac Please Me - £13.50

This is only my second ever Mac lipstick, It's a lot lighter than I thought however I'm happy that I bought it and I love the colour!
It's so funny every time I seem to buy something from MAC, I'm served by someone called Sophie (which is also my name!!) ...obv a sign I need to buy more ;)

I wore this lipstick with winged black eyeliner for a daytime look but for a night out I would wear with a smoky eye and highlighted cheeks.
I love the scent of MAC Lipsticks and the formula is so creamy and hydrating. 
To apply I used my bodyshop lipscuff, then the Bodyshop Lip butter and then Please Me.  

P.s I've had play around with my blog to try and improve it - let me know what you think!



Monday, 25 July 2011

Ring Finger Polish

17 gold Nailvarnish, OPI Mrs O'Learys BBQ, Orley Rage, Topshop Pool Party.

Love this trend at the moment, however I find it hard to find colours that go well.
Next week im going to try Rimmel Beige Babe (colour in my 'reading glasses' post) and Orley Rage.
I was a bit sceptical about buying Orley 'Rage' as its such a tiny bottle for £5 however I absolutely Love this colour and definately will repurchase when I run out!
(p.s sorry about the messy nails - I had just painted them!!) 


Sunday, 24 July 2011


Turquoise ring, Bracelet and Chunky stone bracelet- Primark, Tribal silver Rings and plaited gold and beige bracelet - H&M
Leopard dress - H&M
- Gotta love a bit of H & Primarni!!!

Hello everyone I hope you are having a lovely weekend. 
Such sad news about Amy Winehouse and Norway, my thoughts are with all their friends and families.

I did a bit of shopping with the bf yesterday and this is what I wore. We went to Yo Sushi (mmm) MAC and Boots but I didnt really get too much - some eyelash curlers from MAC and a hair dye from boots - I am trying to lighten my hair without it going orange, if anyone knows of a good dye pls let me know!! I would Love to Ombre but think my hair is too short :(.
I love the bronzed skin (ahem fake tan haha) with turquoise look, Im naturally olive however I love a bit of Dove's graudal fake tan!


Saturday, 16 July 2011

Organix Hair Range

Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy Products
Organix Moroccan argan oil products
Organix Coconut Milk Serum
Hi guys,
You all know that I'm constantly on the search for natural products that deliver...
Ive been using the Organix range for a while now and so thought i'd do a review.
My mum originally introduced me to the range, she bought me the Coconut Milk serum for christmas :)
I love that Organix products contain no sodium laureth sulfate!
Sodium laureth sulfate is a cheap chemical product companies use that can irritate your skin and damage your hair. 
I love these products, I use the Morrocan oil Shampoo along with the Brazillian keratin therapy conditioner together and my hair feels amazing, i've heard some reviews stating that initially their hair feels quite dry as it is stripped of the chemical/product build up however I didn't experience this. 

I would definately recommend these products, I know i'd much rather put natural ingredients in my hair than risk chemicals damaging my hair!!!

(you can purchase Organix products from Boots)

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