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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub


Lush Lip Scrub - £5.25

As the weather has been getting colder by the day, this yummy Lip scrub has been a saviour for my dry chapped lips.

Lush Mint Julips lip scrub uses Castor sugar as a gentle exfoliator along with jojoba oil which moisturises and leaves lips feeling lovely and soft.

It's so easy to exfoliate your lips by rubbing a small amount of this sugar scrub over your lips gently buffing away any dry skin, then you simply lick/wipe it off! 

I use this every night before I put on one of my favourite lip balms which together, have really helped my lips to stay smooth and hydrated.

Lush lip scrubs come in a few different flavours, I picked up Mint Julips as it was my favourite smell but Popcorn, their Christmas Lip Scrub version also smelled so good!

Which is your favourite Lush lip scrub?


Sunday, 16 December 2012

Lush Christmas - Golden Wonder


Lush Golden Wonder bath ballistic - £3.25 

This has to be one of the cutest things from the Lush Christmas Collection. It's meant to smell like a light fizzy champagne cocktail, it definitely smells fruity to me, but not really at all christmassy. 

The best thing about this bath ballistic was watching it fizzy away in a swirl of golds, blues and greens, spitting out little stars as it went. Although it left a pretty slight golden shimmer to my skin when I got out, it also left the bath covered in gold which wasn't great to scrub away afterwards!

This is one of the biggest bath ballistics that I've seen from lush and so it does feel like you're getting your value for money. If you like fizzy, fruity scents then I would definitely recommend trying this ballistic, if not only for the oooh's and ahhh's watching it fizz away!


Friday, 16 November 2012

November Glossybox

Again, Glossybox seem to be back on track with another good box this month. I know Perfume samples are either a bit of a hit or miss and although I normally don't like perfume samples, I really like miniature versions of the actual bottle. You get more product and the bottles look really cute among my other perfumes!

I'm really excited to try the Dermalogica Microfoliant as I've read really good reviews on it. It's a powder that you put on wet hands to make a paste that you massage on to your face after cleansing. It gently exfoliates skin to make it smoother and brighter.

The Ayuui Indian Rose face cream is full sized which is really good however it smells very fragranced and is only normally £4.95 for this big bottle. My skin has been really sensitive recently so I'm not sure whether the ingredients/fragrance will be the best for my skin but I'll give it a go and hopefully it will be ok.

Alison Claire Mango Body butter - This is 70% Organic and has Mango butter, Aloe vera and Green Tea in it. This smells like Starburst or Hubba bubba - soo good! 

Nails Inc Caviar Top coat - I love my Sally Hansen Insta-dri but I also love nails Inc Nailvarnish so I'm excited to try this.

What did you think of this months Glossybox? 



Thursday, 15 November 2012

Superdrug Dry Shampoo


I'm quite picky when it comes to dry shampoo, I use it every day to give me volume and although I rarely use it on second day hair as I wash my hair every day (bad I know!) I like it to make my hair feel fresh and clean if I do.
I first saw these on offer in Superdrug for 99p so I decided to try a couple. They are well priced at £1.99 each however recently I picked up 3 on a buy 1 get 2 free offer which is amazing value for money! 

A can lasts me around 3 and a half weeks, which is pretty good considering I use it every day. There is a wide variety to choose from and pretty much all of them ive tried so far smell really good.

They're not powdery, smell great and really give my hair that extra oomph. My favourite so far is 'away with the fairies', it smells amazing. The only one I didn't get on too well with is the brunette one, when I washed my hair it looked like I had dyed it there was so much brown product residue! I also wasn't that fussed on the smell.

The only downside to these is they don't leave my hair feeling as clean and fresh as other brands. If I want a Dry shampoo for amazingly clean and fresh feeling hair then I get the Tresemme one, although it's quite expensive at £4.79 per can and it doesn't last me nearly as long.

I get these for a lovely smelling everyday volumiser, i'm really impressed with the quality and the value for money of these, I will definitely continue to stock up on there as superdrug often seem to have such great offers on them.

Have you tried these? Whats your favourite dry shampoo?

Friday, 9 November 2012

Primark November Haul


Jumper - £14, Snood - £5, Mittens - £3

Primark have got some really great things in at the moment, So many cosy knits and Christmassy things. I picked up these 3 things but have my eye on some of the festive slippers, socks and Pj's which I'll most likely be going back for!
Primark have really up'd their game recently, and although prices have been creeping up, it seems the products are getting better. Hopefully it will last!

Have you picked up anything in Primark recently?


Sunday, 28 October 2012

Halloween Black Cat nails


I love this simple black cat nail design, It's easy to do and looks cute on the nails! For Halloween I'll be wearing black sparkly nail varnish on my nails and then have this little cat design as an accent nail!

This is how I achieved the look:

Step 1 -  Paint the whole nail black and wait to dry, I used 3 coats of 17 Nail Varnish in Nightshade.

Step 2 -  Using a cuticle stick, paint a pink triangle on the nail using the middle as a
             guide for the top of the Triangle, but make sure you leave enough room for the  
             eyes! For this I used Bourjois 26.

Step 3 - Again using a cuticle stick draw on the eyes, to do this I made a circle shape and 
            then dragged the stick up to create a 'cat eye' effect. I used 17 Nail Varnish in  
            Sherbet Lemon

Step 4 - Whiskers! I used the thin metal pen end of the models own nail art pen. This has a brush and a pen, I found the brush too difficult to use but the pen was so easy to draw on the nail.

Step 5 - Once the eyes are dry, use a cuticle stick to draw on the pupils. I used 17 Nail Varnish in Nightshade but a Green Nail varnish would also work really well!

Let me know if you try these!


Monday, 22 October 2012

Lush Christmas - Cinders

  Lush Cinders - £2.25

Lush 'Cinders' is a gorgeous Christmassy limited edition bath ballistic with cinnamon, sweet orange and almond oils and popping candy. It is meant to "evoke sitting by a crackling open fire, drinking a glass of warm punch".

This is one of my favourite smells from lush, it filled the house with a lovely christmassy smell that lasted all day. I'll definitely want to stock up on these to have over Christmas along with my tradition of buying a big bottle of Snow Fairy! 

Have you tried this? What are your fave Christmas Lush products?


Thursday, 18 October 2012

October Glossybox

This months Glossybox theme is DIY beauty, 5 products for a pampering night in. I really like this months box and will definitely be using them for a cosy night in! 
My favourite product this month is the Sally Hansen complete salon manicure. Apart from it being a gorgeous autumny red/brown and being called 'Haute chocolate' it's meant to be a 5 step manicure in just one bottle! It is a base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, colour and top coat all in one. This sounds amazing. I can never usually be bothered to treat my nails and aside from using jessica nail oil I never use any other treatments or base coats on my nails. This lets me do everything in one easy step. Perfect. I will definitely be looking to get some more colours if it works!

I'm really excited to try the skinetica anti blemish as it doesn't contain too many ingredients and claims to be "kind to skin". Again perfect as my skin is getting drier due to the colder weather! 
The Yves Rocher moisturiser also sounds great, enriched with Hyaluronic acid which is good for helping your skin absorb and retain moisture. 

All in all a really good box, even though Glossybox has had a few 'meh' boxes recently I'm glad I stuck with it and I'm so so excited for the november and Christmas box!
What did you think of this months box?


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

MUA Undressed Palette


MUA undressed palette is my favourite MUA palette so far. There are some amazing colours in this palette and for £4, you cant really go wrong! 

The colours are all really pigmented with the only exception being the 2 matte shades which are great for blending out.

It has some lovely neutrals making it great for every day use and would also would be perfect to take if you were going away as it has such a great mix of colours for day and night - the shimmery golds or blue/black would make a gorgeous smokey eye for the evening.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Barry M Amethyst Glitter


There are So many pretty glitter nail varnishes around at the moment, Models Own have the lovely Mirror Ball and wonderland collection out, Topshop have some gorgeous chunky Glitter ones and Beauty UK also have some good pretty glitter polishes out too! I had been trying to resist all glitter nail varnishes as I already own a few, they're such a pain to get off and I normally only wear them on my toes or as an accent nail.

I completely fell in love with the colours in Barry M amethyst glitter and had to get it. Its got pretty flecks of fuchsia, turquoise, black and gold glitter through it, and it looks lovely on its own or over another colour!

Have you picked up any pretty Glitter Nail Varnishes recently?


Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Autumn Love

Autumn Make up - New bits from Accessorize - Rainy Day & Rainbow
JKR new book eek! - Hot chocolate and fluffy socks - Winter Warming pies
Crochet hearts - Lip essentials - Autumn Loves
Instagram - sophiemakeup

Theres nothing I love more than cosying up on a blustery autumn day with a good book, hot chocolate and warm fluffy socks! This pretty much sums up my autumn days so far. Theres still things on my list to do for autumn, conker picking, pumpkin carving and apple bobbing to name a few! I can't wait for halloween, and i've got my birthday early November to look forward to too! 

What do you love about autumn?


Saturday, 29 September 2012

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain - Crush

Instagram - sophiemakeup

After I wrote my post on Revlon JBK Stain in Honey, I found a £2 revlon voucher and as the kissable balm stains were still at £5.99, I couldn't resist buying another one!

I went for Revlon balm stain in Crush, a lovely cherry colour which I would never normally brave! It doesn't look that dark on the lips, but it has buildable coverage. 

I think this is perfect for autumn and i've loved wearing it already! 

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Origami Necklace

Origami necklace

Origami Necklace - £4.99 - H&M

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Topshop Suffuce

Topshop £6

I added this to my basket last minute when I was placing a cheeky topshop order as I thought it looked like a lovely Rose Gold nailvarnish. I would never normally buy a nailvarnish without seeing it in store or as a swatch first but I love Topshop nailvarnishes and already have quite a collection so I knew I would like the consistency and finish.
I can't quite figure out the exact colour of this nailvarnish, Topshop describes it as 'Rose' but I think it looks a bit more bronzey or maybe just light gold with a hint of rose. It's a pretty colour and I think this would work really well as an accent nail as well.


Thursday, 6 September 2012

Jessica Nail Oil

 Jessica Phenomen oil -£11.60 feel unique

I was recommended Jessica Nail oil by my local Nail salon to use after I had shellac done. The Nail technician had tried twice to give me shellac nails, but due to my weak, peeling nails, the shellac just kept on chipping. 

I've tried strengthening/repairing base coats, but they just don't seem to work on my nails. I thought I would give Jessica Phenomen oil a go to see whether it would help as It contains moisturising ingredients such as Vitamin E, sweet almond oil, jojoba and Rice oil to keep the nail supple.

This smells amazing, its like a subtle almond smell, a bit like marzipan. Its not greasy and can also be used on dry elbows, knees and feet. I use a drop on my nails almost every night and massage into my cuticles. I've been using this on and off for about 3 months now and I can definitely notice a difference. My nails no longer peel, they feel much stronger and they're even growing faster! I have been giving my nails a couple of days break in between wearing nail varnish and I think a combination of that and using the nail oil have really helped to transform my nails.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Avon Supershock Mascara

Supershock Mascara - Avon

I saw this free with Marie Claire when I was in the supermarket, I was actually looking for a new mascara and thought I may as well give it a try as getting the magazine was a lot cheaper than buying my usual mascara!
This isn't normally the type of mascara that I would go for, I like my lashes to have a lot of volume and length but Supershock gives your lashes a more of a spidery effect. I had to use quite a few coats to try to make my lashes look fuller! 

It has a really good formula that doesn't budge or flake off during the day and it's amazing at coating every lash and layering up without clumping. The wand is quite big and bulky and with all the little spikes if you accidentally poke it in your eye it really, really hurts lol! Perfect for a more natural look or spidery effect if you prefer that look.


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