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Monday, 2 January 2012

NYE Purple Make up




Eye Make up: MUA Peal eyeshadow shade 9 all over lid, MAC nocturnelle in crease, Dark blue from sleek storm pallete in crease, Barry M glitterdust, prestige white eyeliner, UD Naked pallete side car, Loreal Carbon gloss liner, maybelline the one mascara. - Im working on a tutorial for this look so hopefully will be up soon.

Happy new year!

Although I spent NYE in my PJ's at home lol, I wanted to create a make up look that could be worn on NYE :)

I've decided to completely embrace this new year & make resolutions for the first time!
Theres something about new years that gives you an excuse to have a 'fresh start' - start a gym, stop letting something get to you, take up a new hobbie or take a leap of faith! 
I've always been stubborn and thought 'My new years resolution is to not have any resolutions' as I thought that I would change/diet/excercise/de-stress when needed.
This year however I feel completely different. I feel like I want goals to spur me on, I want to get out of ruts, I want to jump on my cross trainer to burn off the christmas indulgence lol!
I'm really excited for this year as hopefully there will be lots of good changes, I'm feeling really positive eek! Thank you everyone for taking the time to read my blog this past year, I hope everyone had a lovely new years xx
A few of my resolutions:
Blog more!!
Exercise at least 3 times a week - crosstrainer & zumba
Start a Youtube channel?  
Study Make up
Read lots of new books!
Relax, dont let things get to me so much
Be more confident.
Buy some sigma brushes

What are yours? x


  1. WOW WOW WOW :) It looks gorgeous. Love it! I have Barry M's glitterdust need to use it more often :D After seing this.

  2. I love your makeup look, it's so pretty!
    I share all your new year resolutions :)

  3. You eyes are beautiful, great look :) ! And happy new year :) !

  4. This is lovely! And I really like the sparkly nails :)

  5. The colour goes lovely with your eyes. Amazing!
    Great post

  6. Love how your eyeshadow matches your nails! I always look like a little girl who's played with her mum's makeup whenever I wear eyeshadow, haha.

    x Michelle |

  7. I like so much what i see here.

  8. Wow! Your eyes looks incredible! LOVE this look! xxx

  9. I love the silver touch! It's so fun and glittery, and the nails too!

  10. amazing!!!!!

    xox, Polly
    follow me)

  11. Love the purple!! - follow me,xo

  12. WOW, this looks stunning! Love your blog :) xxx.

  13. Your eyes are so pretty. ♥


Thank you for your lovely comments, I really appreciate them :)

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