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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Topshop Highlighter 'Sunbeam'




I am absolutely in love with Topshops make up, especially their blushes, lipsticks and highlighters.

I actually went into Topshop to see if I could stock up on 'Glow' which was a lovely highlighter from their smoke and mirrors A/W collection. Glow is hands down my favourite highlighter so I was soo disapointed when it wasn't there anymore! 
I was drawn to the packaging on this, and as I wanted a new highlighter I swatched it in Topshop to see what the colour was like. I normally go for cream highlighters however this blends really well and is Such a gorgeous golden highlighter which would be so suited for summer!

Sunbeam is £9 which I think is quite reasonable for the amount you get, the photos don't do it much justice so if you can, swatch and blend it into the back of your hand in topshop - its soo pretty! x

Topshop Sunbeam


  1. Whenever im in topshop i spend an absolute age at the makeup umming and aahring but because its in a shop i guessed it wouldnt be that good really.... im gutted im on a spending ban now or id be straight out buying this! x

  2. eee i was looking into buying this the other day! it looks great, i'm going to have a gander in there on this week to see if i can get my hands on it, thanks! :D xo

  3. This looks like a beautiful highlighter! x

  4. Ooh I heard so many rave reviews about this when it was in their first collection, pleased it's 'back', I might have a look in-store next week at it (:

  5. I really like the packaging too!

  6. lovely and cool.

  7. I agree, Topshop make-up is amazing! Especially their lipsticks:D i've never tried this product but i may have to go try it out. Plus the packaging is so cute xxx

  8. oooh that colour is so pretty! i really need to try out some topshop makeup! xx


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