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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Instagram #4

Glamour Magazine - Washing brushes
Alphabetti on toast for tea - No7 facewipes
Primark tshirt dress £8 (looks so similar to the £25 Topshop one) - The Magic
Waffles and soya ice cream - Twilight marathon

I've found some great bargins this week including this grey t-shirt dress in Primark, it looks so similar to the Topshop one but is a lot cheaper at only £8, I also got these No7 wipes with my boots £5 off No7 voucher, it takes them down to £2 and they are my favourite ever make up wipes!  
I am SO excited that Breaking Dawn pt 1 is out on DVD tomorrow, I've been catching up on Twilight and New moon and I'm just settling down to watch Eclipse now!
I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend,




  1. I am so excited about breaking dawn being released. :) Enjoy Eclipse. x

  2. really like your blog...following. I bought a similar dress from Primark and there was a similar one in Topshop for more than double the price, you cant beat a bargain buy :) x

  3. really like your blog...following :) Your pics are lovely. I also bought a dress from Primark recently and there was one similar in Topshop, you cant beat a bargain :)x

  4. I am literally running to Primark at the next opportunity! I am obsessed with the topshop t-shirt dress but refuse to pay so much for it!! Thank you for sharing!

    1. It's such a good bargain lol! I got mine a size smaller than I normally would as they come up quite big x

  5. I can't wait to go to Primark soon and get my hands on that dress! I'm glad I didn't buy the Topshop one! x

  6. I love the real technique brushes, they're great! And that dress is so so so cute!

  7. The real technique brushes are amazing, i got my hands on the stippling brush and i absolutely love it! :) Those waffles look so yummy haha <3


  8. That t shirt dress is so cute.. I know h&m do them but at £20..
    follow me on istagram emine17

    Emine x

  9. Ahh i've got the topshop dress, wish i waited for the primark version now! x

  10. Hi, I have nominated you for the versatile blog award, check out my blog for details Emine x

  11. just come across your blog, newest follower here :-)
    Love that primark tshirt dress, didn't see it at my local store though! :-(
    Them waffles look delicious, damn my diet!

    Holli x


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