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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Natural Collection Eyeshadows

Natural Collection is a really affordable, good quality make up brand. These eyeshadows were only £1.99 each and as you can hopefully see from the swatches, they are well pigmented and such pretty shades!

If I want to do a Make up look, It can get a bit much each time splashing out on a new MAC eyeshadow that I wouldn't normally wear, I think these are a great resolution as there 
are lots of colours to choose from and for £1.99, you can't really go wrong!

The only downside to these eyeshadows is the packaging, its very plasticy and cheap feeling, but then considering the value of the eyeshadow and the fact that the quality is so good, then I think the packaging doesn't really matter that much!

Have you tried these?


  1. i really love natural collection, but i have never tried any of their eyeshadows, i really like the look of the white one, it would be the perfect highlight colour :) xx love your blog, your pictures are amazing :) xxx

  2. White Opal is such a pretty Colour! It would be a amazing hightlighter & Base! Might take advantage of the new 3 for 2 on cosmetics in boots :)


  3. I really love the formulation of these eyeshadows, they are really well pigmented!xo

  4. I always look at them thinking whether they'll be any good and last for long, but those swatches are really lovely, so I may have to look at them more when I next go in! :) xx

  5. I have the white opal one and I love it! The lipsticks from the Natural Collection are good! xxx

  6. These are lovely shades, perfect for summer! x

  7. Love the gold one bargain price!

  8. I think I may have to purchase the white opal colour! I've never seen anything quite like it. x

  9. I can't believe how pigmented these are at such a cheap price! X

  10. I love natural collection, such good prices too :)


Thank you for your lovely comments, I really appreciate them :)

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