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Saturday, 14 April 2012



Fake eyelashes, Fake tan, Fake hair extensions...Fake Freckles?! 

Fake Freckles are something I've seen a lot of recently in magazines, they can give a really pretty/cutesy look. I've got a few tiny real freckles, but most of these don't show through my foundation. I'd love to have freckles and so I thought I'd have a giggle and see what they looked like on me!

To achieve this look, I used No7 amazing eyes pencil in brown and warmed the pencil up on the back of my hand. To try and make the freckles look as natural as possible, I varied between using light hand and firmer touch to dot big and small freckles over my nose and cheeks.

This was a really fun look to do, although I'm not sure whether I'd ever wear it out incase I smudged them!

What do you think of the fake freckled look?
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