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Saturday, 14 April 2012



Fake eyelashes, Fake tan, Fake hair extensions...Fake Freckles?! 

Fake Freckles are something I've seen a lot of recently in magazines, they can give a really pretty/cutesy look. I've got a few tiny real freckles, but most of these don't show through my foundation. I'd love to have freckles and so I thought I'd have a giggle and see what they looked like on me!

To achieve this look, I used No7 amazing eyes pencil in brown and warmed the pencil up on the back of my hand. To try and make the freckles look as natural as possible, I varied between using light hand and firmer touch to dot big and small freckles over my nose and cheeks.

This was a really fun look to do, although I'm not sure whether I'd ever wear it out incase I smudged them!

What do you think of the fake freckled look?


  1. The freckles look cute! I think they look really natural on you. I wouldn't actually think that they were fake unless you said so. Also, your eye makeup is amazing!

  2. The fake freckles are CUTE. And you did it well, were they don't look like they were penciled in at all. I might try it just cause I think freckles instantly up your cute factor by a million.

    Also, what kind of lashes are you using?

    1. Thank you :) I'm wearing Ardell Demi Wispies lashes x

  3. How good do they look on you?! I have real ones so won't need to try this but they look so cute!

  4. super cute! Mine don't show through that well my foundation either ,it's a little frustrating! x

  5. Aww they look lovely! I'm giving away this exact No7 brown eyeliner in my giveaway too, you can enter if you want :-) click here!

  6. I didn't even realise they were fake until you said lol. They look really great. I wouldn't do them myself as don't think they would go with my complexion.


  7. These look so realistic, I wouldn't have known they were drawn on if you hadn't have said! Your makeup looks flawless in these photos xx

  8. They look really cute! :) X

  9. I'm going to have to try the fake freckles, I have quite a few already but I don't think they're that noticeable unless you're pretty close to my face! Your eyelash extensions look super btw :)

  10. So cute! I'd be worried about smudging for sure. x hivenn

  11. I love the fake freckle trend, it's so cute :) I've seen it in magazines too and need to try it! As you said, I don't think I'd be confident to wear them out though, incase I smudged them and didn't realise I had brown across my face, haha!
    New follower :)

  12. Im a fan of fakery too! lol!
    good job on the freckles...they look super cute.

  13. omg i absolutely adore freckles but dont have any, totally trying this out :) it looks so cute on you!


Thank you for your lovely comments, I really appreciate them :)

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