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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Autumn Love

Autumn Make up - New bits from Accessorize - Rainy Day & Rainbow
JKR new book eek! - Hot chocolate and fluffy socks - Winter Warming pies
Crochet hearts - Lip essentials - Autumn Loves
Instagram - sophiemakeup

Theres nothing I love more than cosying up on a blustery autumn day with a good book, hot chocolate and warm fluffy socks! This pretty much sums up my autumn days so far. Theres still things on my list to do for autumn, conker picking, pumpkin carving and apple bobbing to name a few! I can't wait for halloween, and i've got my birthday early November to look forward to too! 

What do you love about autumn?



  1. Hot chocolate and fluffy socks - perfect ! xx


  2. You started reading the casual vacancy yet? What do you think? Xxxx

    1. I'm about 100 pages in, and I'm enjoying it so far! It's still got jk Rowlings charm about it with the town and characters, but it is completely different from Harry Potter x

  3. Oooh that cat case is awesome! I have the casual vacancy but havent started it yet, im still halfway through another book but am dying to get started on it!

  4. this has made me just want to snuggle up!it all looks so cosey <3 love the cat case awww.and Is jk rowlings book any good?!x

  5. Everything a girl could need :) x

  6. Ooooh hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows, with soft fluffy socks = heaven to me :-)


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