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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Superdrug Dry Shampoo


I'm quite picky when it comes to dry shampoo, I use it every day to give me volume and although I rarely use it on second day hair as I wash my hair every day (bad I know!) I like it to make my hair feel fresh and clean if I do.
I first saw these on offer in Superdrug for 99p so I decided to try a couple. They are well priced at £1.99 each however recently I picked up 3 on a buy 1 get 2 free offer which is amazing value for money! 

A can lasts me around 3 and a half weeks, which is pretty good considering I use it every day. There is a wide variety to choose from and pretty much all of them ive tried so far smell really good.

They're not powdery, smell great and really give my hair that extra oomph. My favourite so far is 'away with the fairies', it smells amazing. The only one I didn't get on too well with is the brunette one, when I washed my hair it looked like I had dyed it there was so much brown product residue! I also wasn't that fussed on the smell.

The only downside to these is they don't leave my hair feeling as clean and fresh as other brands. If I want a Dry shampoo for amazingly clean and fresh feeling hair then I get the Tresemme one, although it's quite expensive at £4.79 per can and it doesn't last me nearly as long.

I get these for a lovely smelling everyday volumiser, i'm really impressed with the quality and the value for money of these, I will definitely continue to stock up on there as superdrug often seem to have such great offers on them.

Have you tried these? Whats your favourite dry shampoo?


  1. I love the Superdrug dry shampoo! I think I even prefer it over Batiste!


  2. I really don't like Superdrug dry shampoo, I think it makes my hair greasier.

  3. Superdrugs is my fave by far! Plus Superdrugs own brand dosen't animal test, so bonus :p x

  4. I cannot live without my dry shampoo - i wonder how i ever coped without it?! Will definitely try these as they are a bargain! x

  5. I've never tried these before, I always reach for the Batiste but only because I love the cherry one! It's my fave! x

  6. i might try these! i have batiste but never really use it because i don't actually like it and it marks my hair so bad - this might be what im looking for!

  7. I've never used dry shampoo... ooops lol
    NRC ♥


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