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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Halloween Skull / Ghost Nails

Halloween Nails
Halloween Skull Nails
Haloween Nails

I love this little skull design for some halloween nail art, it's easy to do and looks sweet on the nails! I did my nails like this for the weekend and got so many compliments on it! 

This is how I achieved the look:

Step 1 -  Paint the whole nail in the colour of your choice, I chose an oxblood colour but  
             black or grey would also work well! I used 2 coats of OPI Nail Varnish in Mrs 
             O'Leary's BBQ.

Step 2 -  When base has dried, use a dotting tool to make 4-6 large polka dots on each 
              nail, for this I used Barry M Nail paint in 66 Matt White.

Step 3 - Using a smaller dotting tool draw either a squiggly ghost tail or a square on the
             base of the polka dots, again using Barry M Matt White Nail paint.

Step 4 - Eyes! I used the thinnest dotting tool to dot little eyes on my Skulls using Sinful
            colours in Black on Black.

Step 5 - Once the eyes are dry, use a Topcoat to set and to give the nails a nice shine. I
            used Sally Hansen Insta-Dry.

Let me know if you try these!


  1. Love this post, it's so lovely !

  2. That looks so cool! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. So unbelievably cute, um I mean "ooh scary" haha. I must pick up this burgundy colour, it's gorgeous!

  4. great nail art, perfect for halloween! xxx

  5. These look so cute! :) xx


  6. These look so cool, love it :)
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  7. Ahh these are so cute! I did mine but they're a little more basic than this! x

    Curls & Swirls Beauty Blog

  8. I love nail art! This is amazing!!


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