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Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Top left - Revlon Showy, Top right Maybelline Fuchsia Flash, 
Bottom left - Revlon Sultry Samba, Bottom right Chanel La Diva

This is my favourite shade of pink lipstick, you can see in the swatches there are subtle differences between the shades on my lips but they are all cool toned fuchsia/magenta pink.

Revlon Showy is a matte cool toned pink, you need to prep your lips well before applying this as it shows up any imperfections/dryness. This lasts around 2-3 hours on my lips and is the lightest colour of the bunch.

Maybelline Fuchsia Flash is a bright fuchsia pink. It has a lovely creamy texture, feels hydrating and lasts well on the lips. I like to dab a bit on the middle of my lips and blend out to make it a bit more subtle as this is the only lipstick of the lot that isn't matte.

Revlon Sultry Samba is a slight shade darker and contains more purple than the rest, it is quite sheer when swatched making it more subtle but is buildable to a pretty matte pink/fuchsia. This is my second favourite of the bunch, it lasted well on my lips and is great for an everyday lipstick.

Chanel La Diva - My favourite. The perfect shade and formula, this lasted 5-6 hours on my lips and when it started to fade it left a pretty pink stain on my lips. I find brighter lipstick shades are easier to wear when matte, it seems to tone down the look and feels pretty and chic. 



  1. Your lips look so pretty this colour! xx

  2. Love this colour the Revlon Sultry Samba is actually my favourite!

  3. I love the look of La Diva, it is such a beautiful colour! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD | The Little Deer Sunglasses and £20 Voucher Giveaway

  4. Now I need one cool toned lipstick. I will probably go for Revlon ones.

  5. I've been warming up to pink lipstick, and now I cannot get enough!

    I followed you on bloglovin!
    lexi // thelittlebrunette

  6. These colours are absolutely gorgeous! I feel like it's a colour of lipstick every girl should have at least one of in her makeup collection. Revlon Sultry Samba is probably my favourite one ;)

    Deb | Debra Bros Blog

  7. Those are gorgeous, I have Showy x

  8. Ahh, I love pink lip colors! All of these are so gorgeous! I need all of these in my collection. Great post! :)

    Hope ♡ |


  9. Love your post. Nice blog, by the way. Read my new wedding post about wedding look.

  10. Chanel La Diva looks incredible. I tend to only wear MAC Candy Yum Yum when it comes to bright pinks but I think a trip to the Chanel counter is needed!

    Raise The Waves

  11. I love the colour of Chanel since it is so lovely! x

  12. Gorgeous shades, I wish I could wear cool toned pinks, but they really don't suit me unfortunately, I have to stick to warmer tones.

    xxx Claire

  13. What a fabulous selection of colours! I adore that Chanel one :)

    Josie xoxo | Fashion Mumblr

  14. These are gorgeous! I don't have a pink lipstick as bright as these, but starting to think I might need to add one to my little collection :) x

  15. I love cool-toned pinks though it's questionable whether they really suit me! I think you swatched these really well since they're all similar shades but you can see the subtle differences between them. I've never heard of that Revlon Sultry Samba one - hopefully it pops up in the shops here soon so I can check it out in person :)

  16. I love how wearable the bright colors are! ♡


Thank you for your lovely comments, I really appreciate them :)

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