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Friday, 4 July 2014


soothing tea

1. Tea: Mint, ginger, lemon and honey tea - A saviour for sick days. Lemon is antibacterial, antiviral and immune boosting, Ginger and Mint are soothing and contain antioxidants and Honey is antibacterial. Sipping on tea also makes sure you are keeping hydrated!
Recipe - squeeze a wedge of lemon, a teaspoon of honey, one or two sprigs of mint (to taste) and peel and cut a chunk (I use a brazil nut size) of ginger into sticks and place in your mug. Top up with boiling water and leave for 10 mins to infuse. Enjoy!

2. Hand cream: I wash my hands a lot more when I'm ill to stop any germs spreading so I always use a good hand cream to keep my hands moisturised. Instyle magazine currently has a free Neals Yard Geranium (which is lovely and uplifting) and Orange hand lotion which is worth £10, perfect!

3. Rest: A week spent in my Pj's watching Disney films, catching up on blogs, browsing pinterest and getting some extra sleep has been just the rest I needed to get me on the mend.

4. Food: Oreo's and marmite on toast is all I've been eating this week...although I'm not complaining!

5. Having someone around: Alex bought me some lovely white roses, Instyle magazine (for the hand cream) and some more lemon and ginger yesterday, he's chopped me up some vegetables for me to snack on today and I've been ringing my mum non stop. 

What helps you to feel better when you're unwell?


  1. If you weren't ill, this sounds like it would have been the perfect week, I am almost jealous! x
    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  2. Aw I hope you're feeling better! This is pretty much exactly what I do when I'm ill - spend the whole week in Pj's!

    The Sunday Chapter
    Angela xo

    1. Thanks Angela, I'm feeling much better now! x

  3. Good weekends!

    New post - week news:

  4. Hope, you´ll feel better! I love drinking tea :))

  5. Love your tea choices, hopefully they're doing the trick. I hope you feel better soon! x

  6. Wow your blog post is amazing

    I love your blog and your design

    well done

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  7. The tea sounds so good and really refreshing. When I'm unwell I like to make a hot honey & lemon drink and just chill out.

  8. watching gossip girl always cheers me up when I'm ill!Xx

  9. Wonderful post,dear!
    Keep in touch xoxo

  10. Awwr, I'm sorry you've been feeling ill. Totally didn't initially think you meant you had both oreos and marmite on your toast >.< Would have been an interesting combination.

  11. I've been ill this weekend too, hand cream has been my saviour as my hands have been so dry from washing them so much! Hope you're feeling better now

  12. Naw, rest up. Being sick is horrible Magazine and roses sound lovely, though ;)

    Lucy X

  13. Aw, get well soon!! Orange juice is my favourite thing when i'm ill
    Mahsa xx

  14. Ooooh lovely tea recipe. Lemon, Honey & Ginger is an old family fav but I've never popped mint in it before! Totally giving this a go next time I'm feeling under the weather.

  15. I hope you are feeling better. Tea similar to the one you have had also makes me feel better and plenty of soup. Once I am on the mend I love to have a bit of a pamper with a long hot bath, a fresh face mask from Lush (so refreshing on puffy and dehydrated skin) and a deep conditioning treatment on my hair. x

  16. It s*cks to be sick in the Summer :( I also make sure to drink plenty of fluids, and to sleep well. If I have a sore throat, I like to put honey in my tea.


  17. Doesn't sound like the worst way to spend your time when ill! Great post!

    Sam xo


Thank you for your lovely comments, I really appreciate them :)

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