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Wednesday, 30 July 2014



Here are a few things that are currently on my desk. I like to try keep my workspace neat, clean and clutter free, but I always like to add some little things that make me smile during the day too!

1. Caudalie Beauty Exlir - This is so perfect to use in the heat. It contains organic balm mint, rosemary, grape, rose and orange blossom to smooth the skin and give a burst of radiance. You only need a few spritzes to leave you skin feeling cool and refreshed!

2. Hand cream: My hands are always dry and so I always keep a hand or body lotion nearby. I love this Laura Mercier fresh fig body butter mini, it has a rich scent of figs, apricot nectar and ylang ylang. I really need to get the full sized fresh fig hand cream as this smells so good and keeps my hands feeling hydrated and moisturised.

3. EOS lip balm in sweet mint: This little minty organic lip balm is fresh and moisturising which has been perfect this summer. It helps to keep my lips supple and smooth. 

4. Decorative Objects - I've been loving having Ariel on my desk. I've always loved Disney princesses, there's something quite summery about her and she really brightens up my desk! I also try to keep fresh flowers on my desk as they really brighten up the home and make me happy. I always feel so inspired with fresh flowers around and I've been buying peonies non stop this summer to put in my little ikea milk bottle vase

- I also always have a notebook, pen and a big glass of water on my desk!

What are your summer desk essentials?


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  2. love the peonies on the picture, beautiful! :)

  3. Loved this, really want that bottle vase now it looks so coo, the Caudelie elixir sounds so good! x


  4. I absolutely love your blog, I loved the nail post - I paint mine far too often.

    Your workspace is to die for, I love the little Ariel you have :-)

    I always like to have flowers on mine too, they add a little something fresh, plus I usually have an array of pens and notepads. After looking at yours though, I think mine needs to be neatened up!

  5. I love how simple you've kept it - I think that's important at your workspace, to get a balance of having what you need without going overboard! Looks beautiful :-)

  6. My desk isn't quite this tidy but I always have my lip balm and hand cream sitting in the untidiness.

    ~ K

  7. Fresh flowers are the best <3 xx

  8. Your desk looks so pretty. Love your blog :)

  9. Such a cute post. I don't know how your post is so tidy though, mine never looks like that! Love the flowers too, I haven't had any flowers in my room for ages so you've reminded me to go get some :)
    Elesaurus |

  10. That's my favorite lip balm! I always have one on my desk as well. I wish I could keep my desk as clean as yours!

    Gifs & Garb

  11. I'm loving those peonies! I love how bright your desk is! Mine is full of clutter, sometimes you have to dig to find a pen :'( it's really embarrassing

    Arianne |

  12. I've really been enjoying the Caudalie Beauty Elixir recently as well. It's such a refreshing product, particularly for the summer. xx
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  13. Looks so nice, your blog is fab!

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    Alaina x

  15. Wow! Your desktop is perfect!

    xx, Be || lovefrombe

  16. Looooooove the photography! Check out my latest beauty post featuring Mac xo

    Aliona |

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  18. Ariel is my fave Disney Princess too! I have been looking for a Flounder coffee mug/cup, have yet to find. Very neat desk!


Thank you for your lovely comments, I really appreciate them :)

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