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Saturday, 14 February 2015


Happy Valentines Day!

I thought that Valentines day would be the perfect day for me to share the love for my current favourite bloggers, vloggers and instagram accounts. I've been watching youtube and reading blogs for quite a few years now and so I follow a lot of accounts that I love but these are my current absolute favourites:

Instagram is my favourite social media app, I can spend ages scrolling through my instagram feed and I also love styling and editing my own photos. Here are some of my favourite Instagram accounts:

nishaantishu: Freya's photography is absolutely stunning, her travel and lifestyle photos on instagram are always so beautiful and inspirational.

wishwishwish: Full of calligraphy, flowers, beautiful sceneries and food, Carrie's photo's are just so pretty.

icovetthee - Alix's dreamy photos of make up, food and ootd's are always clear, crisp and beautiful.

cremedelachic: Kelly's photos are so bright and colourful. With macaroons, flowers and pretty skies, its one of my all time favourite feeds.

I'm currently obsessed with watching vlogs, these are a few of my favourite vloggers:

Fleurdevlog: Forever my favourite vlogger, I love watching Fleur's snippets of everyday life in the English countryside with her three puppies and her husband Mike.

ciderwithrosie: Rosie's lovely vlogs are full of amazing home cooked food, countryside walks and city day trips.

hellooctober: Suzie vlogs from her beautiful Brighton home, I love watching her little hauls and seeing Nala, her gorgeous little pup!

lilypebbles: I loved Lily's vlogmas videos and Lily's weekly vlogs are so beautifully edited. I love to see her snapshots of london life, beauty launches and finding new great places to eat out!

essiebuttonvlogs: Estee and Aslan's vlogs are full of amazing travels, delicious food, london markets and their lovable pet greyhound Reggie.

I read and love so many blogs, these are a few of my current favourites, you can see a full list of my favourite reads on my blogroll!

Who are your current favourites? I always love to find new reads!

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