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Wednesday, 18 February 2015



Over the years I've accumulated quite a collection of make up books. When studying make up artistry I bought some for reference and inspiration and i've loved flicking through them ever since! Here are four of my favourites:

Makeup is Art: A great coffee table book full of beautiful and inspirational photos. This is my favourite make up book that I own as the skill, photography and tips are simply amazing. It's great for professionals, to use as reference and for anyone interested in make up.

Favourite parts: Make up brush guide, invaluable industry advice and the incredible avant garde make up.

Rae Morris Makeup The Ultimate Guide: The name pretty much says it all, it really is an ultimate make up guide from one of the worlds most creative make up artists. This book has an amazing, detailed contouring/face map guide and a huge section devoted to eyes, covering every eye shape and type. Rae's make up looks are simply stunning and this comes in at a close second as my one of my favourite make up books.

Favourite parts: Ten minute makeovers, the pinterest worthy photos and the visual eye colour charts.

Jemma Kid Make up Masterclass: This is such a great book for learning the basics of make up. It's full of beauty tips, basic make up looks and colour palettes for your skintone. It also includes a great basic make up section including lip shapes, blusher shapes and how to create different brow shapes.
Favourite parts: Basic make up looks, detailed colour charts and great lip section.

Bobbi Brown Make up Manual: This pretty book covers everything from make up and skincare to diet and health. It gives detailed step by step photo tutorials and provides clear descriptions. The end section of the book is great if you are interested in make up artistry, It provides recommendations for what to include in your professional make up kit and a brief overview of editorial make up, TV and film make up and fashion make up.

Favourite parts: Step by step photo tutorials and the who's who in make up section.

What are your favourite make up books?

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