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Sunday, 1 March 2015


makeup brushes

The Real Techniques Expert Face Brush is probably my all time favourite brush. It applies liquid foundation with such minimal effort and the domed end lets you gently buff in product around the contours of the face with ease.

I use the Real Techniques blush brush for powder, it's hand cut and blends powder in flawlessly. For blusher, I opt for either the contour brush or the stippling brush. The duo fibre stippling brush is great for applying cream blushers and the contour brush is lovely for powdered blush. They both pick up just the right amount and help to blend blusher in so seamlessly. 

The Real Techniques setting brush is my brush of choice to use if I really want my highlighter to stand out, for a subtle and more defined highlight I use the bdellium fan brush* noted below.

I first heard whispers about this brand on youtube a few years ago and desperately wanted to try their brushes after reading and hearing such great things. When working at IMATS, I was sat opposite the bdellium tools stand, it was so vibrant, cheerful and busy. I didn't have time to buy any brushes but I ordered a few online as soon as I finished for the day. I managed to get my hands on a few of their bambu brushes and fell in love with them straight away.

I now own quite a few of these handmade, vegan and eco friendly brushes, the Purple Bambu Precision Brush Set*, two green bambu and two pink bambu eye brushes. The purple brush bristles feel the softest to me with the green a close second, the pink are really great at blending out eyeshadow but don't feel anywhere near as soft as the purple or green.

I'm normally quite picky about my eye brushes and the green 716 smoky eyeliner is so lovely and quite possibly the softest brush I own. It's perfect for applying product to the delicate eye area, I love to use it for my inner corner highlight or for smoking/smudging out eyeliner. Bdellium is definitely now my first choice for eye brushes. The 785 fluffy brush and 781 crease brush work so well at blending out eyeshadows and creating the perfect smokey eye.

My new favourite bdellium tools brush is the feathery 925 duet fibre fan brush. I own a fan brush in my professional kit and now love having this one in my personal collection. It's great for sweeping a light dusting of translucent powder over the t-zone or for adding highlighter to the tops of your cheekbones for a really flawless finish.

I'm incredibly loyal to my MAC 150 brush that I use for bronzer so I had to include MAC in this post. Although my MAC 150 shreds terribly each time I wash it, it's lasted me a good 5-6 years now, is such a great size and distributes just the right amount of product with it's tapered bristles. I can't imagine using any other brush for bronzer now, it just works so perfectly for me.

I use the MAC 130 for applying foundation when I have the time to really take care over my base as  the small duo fibre bristles really buff foundation in to create a flawless base.

I used to use the MAC 266 brush for applying gel eyeliner when I wore it daily, now I use it with powder to fill in my brows, it's just the right shape to lightly brush on the powder and leaves me with natural looking brows. I also used and loved the MAC 217 brush when studying make up, it's such a lovely brush that blends eyeshadow seamlessly.

I have my eye on some Zoeva brushes next, I just can't decide between the rose golden luxury set and the rose golden luxury set vol.2.

Which are your favourite make up brush brands? 

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