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Sunday, 8 March 2015


malm dressing table
make up

I've recently had a make up clear out which resulted in me switching up my Malm dressing table and make up storage. I though I would do a little dressing table update to show you the things i've changed!

I've moved my Essie nail polishes into the malm drawer as I use them so often, it's so great to be able to just pull out a colour and then paint my nails at the dressing table. Although Essie is still taking pride of place for me, I'm finally starting to branch out to other nail polish brands. I've recently discovered Soigné nail polish which is vegan, 5 free and eco friendly, I really love the formula and the packaging is so pretty.

I've also rearranged my eyeshadow section so that I could make room for the Stila in the light palette as I've been wearing it non stop recently. I love sweeping the shade 'Bubbly' all over my lids, it's such a pretty shade and is very similar to MAC all that glitters. I've written a full review with swatches here, it's such a versatile palette!

I've moved my face brushes into this little ikea pot, I love the way that it looks and it makes them so easy to reach. I need to pop to Ikea again to purchase another one as I'm planning on investing in the Zoeva brushes soon. I also have my eye on the bloggers Ikea cushion, I think it would look so perfect on my dressing table chair!
The little pineapple from Primark is a welcome addition as my malm was looking quite bare, it has a tiny little candle in it which I'm tempted to burn down quickly so that I can use it to store bits and bobs in.

The acrylic drawers are holding my favourite lipsticks, the top drawer is full of my current favourite lipstick shades, the second drawer holds my Revlon lip butters and the third drawer all my lip crayons. On top sits a little lipstick holder from Tiger with all my MAC and Chanel lipsticks.

I still really need to get some postcards and washi tape to brighten up the area a little and maybe some fresh flowers as the last of my Gypsophilia is looking a bit lonely! No doubt i'll have another little change around of my dressing table again soon, I hope you liked the updates that I made!

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