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Friday, 20 March 2015


wedding planning

There are so many things that I didn't realise I needed to do after getting engaged. I had browsed beautiful rings on pinterest before, watched tear jerking proposals and attended magical weddings but I wasn't sure where to even start after getting engaged! I insured my ring, read how to clean and care for it and then started to think about things I needed to plan for the day. I'm still not sure whether I should sleep with my ring on, how to even begin to look for a dress or when I should start to organise the paperwork for getting married! It's something that me and Alex aren't going to rush, we both want to get married on a beach, somewhere far away where we can also honeymoon and we really want to take time to save up and find the perfect location. We both want to keep it quiet low key and relaxed but even so there's still a lot to organise. Here are a few small things that I'm doing to slowly start the wedding planning process.

1. Buy Wedding Magazines: Not only is Elle Wedding magazine one of the most beautiful magazines that I own, it has a lot of great information such as flower types for the seasons, dress trend reports and travel locations. I think that I would have picked this magazine up even if I wasn't engaged as it's pinterest worthy, glossy pages are full of beautiful make up, decor, fashion and hair inspiration. It means a lot to me as it's my first bridal magazine and It's something that I'll treasure for a long time. I've also been browsing Brides magazine online which is from the publishers of two of my favourite magazines (glamour and vogue), they seem to have everything you need to know about wedding planning!

2. Invest in a nice notebook: I love making notes and writing absolutely everything down. I really love this Kate spade notebook, it's such a simple and nice design that would be perfect for noting down ideas. Some of the things I've written down so far include hair and make up products, honeymoon shopping lists (including this swimsuit, SPF and some Topshop Sunglasses), wedding ring ideas, bouquet ideas and I've also made a note to find out how to get a bouquet set into a paperweight like Millie Mackintosh did!

3. Collect Travel Brochures: One of mine and Alex's favourite things to do currently is to spend the evening surrounded by travel brochures, chatting and dreaming about possible locations and imaging ourselves on a beach far away. Some of the brochures contain wedding and honeymoon packages that help you with getting married abroad including the admin and the planning which looks so, so helpful!

4. Create Pinterest boards. I can already tell that Pinterest is going to be my best friend throughout wedding planning. I've had a pinterest wedding board for quite a while now (way before I got engaged!) and it's so useful for storing all my ideas. From bouquet arrangements to nail polish colours I've been using pinterest as a mood board and an area for ideas and things that I would like. It helps me to pin all my ideas and inspiration in one place which is so handy.

5. Starting a wedding healthy eating and fitness routine: Over the winter my normally quite healthy diet has slipped. I've overindulged in cinnamon apple crumbles, rich pasta dishes and far too many almond milk hot chocolates (my weakness!) I want to adopt a more healthy lifestyle and so I'm getting back into using my nutribullet to make healthy fruit, vegetable and chia seed smoothies. I'm drinking more water and trying to introduce a little bit of exercise into my daily routine, If you're following my instagram, you have probably seen a few snaps of my healthier meals!


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