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Sunday, 5 April 2015


Zoeva brushes
I waited quite a while to finally invest in a set of Zoeva brushes as I really wanted to take the time to choose the perfect set for me. There are so many great options available and although the Rose Golden Luxury Set had been on my wishlist for the longest time, I fell in love with the Rose Golden Complete Eye Set Vol.2 after seeing them circling twitter. I decided to opt for eye brushes as I'm still so loyal to my real techniques face brushes and I feel like you can never have too many eyeshadow blending brushes!

These Zoeva rose gold brushes are just dreamy. The complimentary combination of soft pink/powdered nude and rose gold make them the prettiest brushes I own and the perfect addition to my dressing table. I've already got so much use from them and I've added the Rose Gold Luxury Set to the top of my Birthday/Christmas wishlist.

The Rose Golden Complete Eye Set Vol.2 is made up of 12 eye brushes including blending, smudging, liner, brow and under eye concealer brushes. They are held in a pretty metallic pink case which is so useful to store the brushes in when travelling.

Each brush has a rose gold embossed description printed on the handle making it easy to reach for the perfect brush when applying your make up. Initially the ones that really stand our for me are the 142/Concealer buffer brush, 228/Luxe crease and 221/Luxe soft crease brush. They all pick up just the right amount of product and blend make up so seamlessly onto the skin.

The brushes are slightly stiffer than I imagined but I assume that they will soften up a bit over use and washes, the overall feel of them is so luxe, they feel well made and the actual individual bristles are soft. The set arrived neatly and beautifully packaged and apart from a small setback (which included me having to chase after the DHL driver in my slippers after he tried to deliver my brushes to the wrong house!), the brushes arrived just two days after I ordered them.

The total amount that I ended up paying for this set (including postage) was £55.08, this works out at around £4.59 a brush which is pretty good value for money. 

I'm totally smitten with these brushes and I'm so glad I finally took the plunge and ordered a set. I'm sure these will be appearing a lot more on my blog in the future, I just hope I can hold off for a while before purchasing another set!

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