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Friday, 15 May 2015


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Instagram is my favourite social media app (follow me here), I can spend hours scrolling through feeds as there's an endless supply of beautiful photos and inspiration! I find myself posting snippets of my life, food, flowers and beauty products almost daily and so I thought I would share how I edit my Instagram pictures.

Camera: I use my iPhone 4S camera to take all my instagram photos, I love the quality of the iPhone camera and it's so easy to use. I like to keep my camera switched to the square setting and then tap and hold to lock the focus before taking a photo to keep my images sharp and in focus.

Lighting: Like my blog photos, I prefer to use natural lighting for my photos, I use a clean surface near a window to take my pictures on and I use a DIY light reflector, I followed this tutorial to make mine.

Props: Blankets, rings, pretty make up brushes, anything I'm eating (normally berries or chocolate!) or that I have laying around gets used as a prop onto my instagram feed. I think that Props can really help to complete the photo and I love the little personal touches they give.

Editing: A few of my favourite editing apps are VSCOcam, Afterlight and Instagram. I mainly use VSCOcam to adjust the exposure, sharpen the image and to add filters, I sometimes use Afterlight for light leaks, brightness and filters and I love adding Instagram filters, my favourites are Valencia, Aden, Lark and Amaro.

Something I really need to work on is my grid, I'm completely lost when it comes to making my grid look neat and pretty, suggestions are really welcome!

What's your favourite Instagram/photo editing app?

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