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Friday, 12 June 2015


hair ties
Monday: Watching my Peonies bloom - after 2 whole weeks of waiting I had just about given up on my peonies as they still hadn't bloomed, their leaves were drying out and they were looking a little sorry for themselves. I decided to give them a couple more days before I threw them out and the very next day, they started to bloom!

Tuesday: After reading Sophie's DIY Hair Tie tutorial I ordered some hair elastics, there are so many colours to choose from here, I chose scarlet, burgundy, a silvery grey and toffee, a rose gold shade. I spent the day fashioning up my own hair ties, it's unbelievably easy to do and works out a lot cheaper than buying them!

Wednesday: Hearing that Ben & Jerry's have decided to create a dairy free ice cream made my day. Since giving up most dairy I've missed Phish Food so much, fingers crossed for an almond milk version (more details here)! Also I watched the new Hunger Games trailer with wide eyes, it looks amazing, I can't wait to watch it in November!

Thursday: Indulging in a huge bowl of spelt pasta and fresh basil pesto, it's a new discovery for me, the ultimate comfort food and a nice alternative to wholewheat pasta.

Friday/The Weekend: I'm finally well enough to venture out of the house again and I'm planning on shopping for some more Topshop 5 Years of Beauty Make Up (that rose gold packaging!), candy floss grapes and soft primark bedding (I love the look of these pillowcases!), I'm also visiting my mum to wish her a belated happy birthday - I think she's making a dairy free cashew cream cheesecake too which sounds incredible!

What's made you happy this week?

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