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Friday, 3 July 2015


modern calligraphy
One day during a particularly boring maths class at secondary school, I decided to change my handwriting. I practised new styles and gave my y's, n's and m's long straight tails. It's now become the way that I naturally write, i've always been really interested in handwriting and calligraphy and so now that courses are so widely available, I thought that it would be the perfect time to give it a go!

I decided that I wanted to learn Modern Calligraphy, Carrie's beautiful instagram photos inspired me to try to learn this specific style of calligraphy but there are plenty of different fonts/styles to learn.

To be completely honest, I don't find it easy at all. It turns out that teaching myself to write differently means that I hold the pen really tightly and low down, which is natural to me now, but doesn't seem that helpful when it comes to calligraphy. Part of me really likes the fact that I have to put my all into it and practice a lot. It helps me to take my mind off everything else and I love taking out an hour every now and then just to practice writing. 

I originally wanted to book a course through Quill London (their beginners class is £44) after seeing great reviews on blogs but after trialling Scarlet and Gold's free webinar (which was so fun to do!), they gave a promotional code at the end of the trial to get the full calligraphy bundle for a great discount, I think it worked out in the end to be around £45.
I bought my pen, nib and ink from Quill London when it was 20% off too, so all in all it wasn't too expensive. Doing it this way round worked out to be a lot less than a ticket to London for a 2 and a half hour course in the city. It means that I can look back on the videos and watch them as many times as I like and I love the flexibility doing it at home too.

I think that calligraphy is great hobby to take up, there's something quite romantic about being able to beautifully hand write something and it will come in handy (if I ever master it!) for writing gift tags, wedding invites, place cards and Christmas envelopes!

Have you tried calligraphy?


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