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Sunday, 5 July 2015


There are a few products that I own that are either sparkly, shimmery, aqua toned, chameleon, duo chromed, or pastel toned. Theres something quite ethereal and mermaid-esqe about them, like they wouldn't be out of place in a Disney film or in a fairy tale. I love make up like this, mermaid make up, and I own quite a lot of it!

Although it's not always the most wearable type of make up, I love adding hints to my normal make up routine. Barry M Dazzle Dusts are shimmery little pigmented pots of colour that look beautiful smudged under the lower lash line for a hint of colour to the eyes. Natural Collection have some great  pastels for a wash of colour over the eyes, Nars Outer Limits, a shimmery rose gold eyeshadow (dupe here) looks so pretty when patted onto the lids and Maybelline Colour Tattoos have glimmering aquas and golds for long lasting cream colour on the eyes (see my collection here).

For nails, Topshop & Barry M win every time with their dreamy glitter shades. Barry M glitter polishes like Amethyst Glitter or their amazing mermaid-esque Aquarium Collection are perfect painted on toes. Topshop Glitter Nail Polishes distribute a sprinkling of multi toned sparkles making them a little more suited for a wash of colour over your nails.

Fuchsia pinks like MAC Show Orchid or it's similar highstreet dupe Revlon Wild Orchid are so pretty on the lips, they have pink and blue micro glitter running through them to give a lustre sheen. Cool toned bubblegum pinks like Revlon Showy work so well with winged liner and matte eyeshadows.

Mac Mineralised Skinfinish powders give the skin a glowing, illuminated touch that catch light as you move, Mac Redhead (pictured above), Soft & Gentle and Lightscapade are a few of my favourites. Sleek Rose Gold blusher also gives a similar illuminating effect, it's a beautiful coral pink toned blusher with flecks of gold glitter running through it.

Lastly, my favourite mermaid product is Illamasqua Pure Pigment Powder in Static. It can be used as an eyeshadow and highlighter, It looks so pretty if paired with pinks or dabbed onto the centre of a glossy lip or quite edgy if paired with matte blacks and purples. It's a divine, iridescent pearl pigment with violet and pink micro glitter running through it (swatched here).

Do you own any mermaid make up?


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