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Friday, 21 August 2015


Theres nothing better than to spend a lazy day under blankets with a good TV series and a huge bowl of popcorn to keep you company. Here's 5 things that I've been enjoying to watch:

Merlin: This series is mesmerising, lighthearted and effortlessly humorous. It tells the tale of Merlin, a young wizard who moves to Camelot and quickly becomes Prince Arthur's servant. With magic banned in Camelot this proves troublesome and often challenging! There's something quite innocent and Harry Potter-esque about the first few series which I absolutely loved. It then develops into a magical series with characters evolving, plots thickening and hints of darkness creeping in, with magic, dragons and the Arthurian legends, this really is a wonderful series. (Available on Netflix).

The Originals Series 2: I absolutely loved the first series of The Originals but it took me a little longer to get into the second one. The storyline soon picks up however and leaves you wanting more (or to binge watch the whole series in one sitting!). It's gripping, captivating and again slightly dark in places. With hybrids, witches, vampires and werewolves it certainly keeps you entertained, I'm actually preferring it to TVD! (Available on Netflix)

Burt's Buzz: This takes a look at Burt, the face behind Burt's Bee's. He's a fascinating man who liked to live off the land and look after his bee's. He had a content, humble outlook on life despite his celebrity status, it's really worth a watch and gives you a little insight into the brand and where it all started. (Available on Netflix)

The Great British Bake Off: Each Wednesday armed full of treats, I settle down to get my baking fix. With show-stopping cakes, biscuits and pastries galore, it's quintessentially British and wonderfully entertaining!

Humans: I really enjoyed the first series of Humans, the acting is brilliant and it's incredibly mind-provoking. Human-like robots or 'Synths' are the latest technology that mankind rely on as servants, helpers and friends. It's slightly creepy yet so captivating, you can still catch up on the series on 4od for a while.

Have you seen any of these?

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