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Wednesday, 14 October 2015


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I love reading beauty tips and tricks, ways to speed up my make up routine and ways to improve my technique. I've picked up a few invaluable tips over the years from beauty blogging, working in make up and from award winning make up artists that I was lucky enough to chat with when working at IMATS.
I thought I would list a few of my favourites that I've learnt and that I often use, I'd love to hear yours too!

1. Brush hair from the ends up to reduce breakage and split ends.

2. After applying lipstick, take a tissue and separate into 1ply, place over your lips and sweep a fluffy brush loaded with translucent power over the tissue to seal in the lipstick - MAC Prep and Prime Transparent Finishing Powder is great. Dab on another layer of lipstick and then tissue, powder and seal in once more for long lasting lipstick.

3. Wrap false lashes around a pencil or make up brush to make them more flexible and easier to work with.

4. Use hairspray on a brow brush like Daniel Sandler's Brow Groomer brush as an alternative to brow gel, spray the spoolie and then comb through to tame unruly brows and hold them in place all day!

5. A good skincare routine helps to create the perfect base for make up. Oskia Renaissance Cleanser, La Roche Posay Serozinc & Origins GinZing Moisturiser are a few of my current favourites.

6. Mix foundation with a little moisturiser to give you lighter coverage for Summer.

7. Watch make up tutorials on youtube for incredible looks, tips and techniques.

8. Invest in a concealer palette like Collection Conceal and Light Like A Pro Palette. Green cancels out redness, yellow is great to diminish dark circles and purple brightens dull skin.

9. With eyeshadows, uneven numbers tend to look better. I like to stick to either just 1, 3 or 5 shades.

10. It's only make up, it's easily washed off - experiment, test out looks and start again!

11. There's no real right or wrong way to apply make up, use brushes, sponges or clean fingers to apply products. Use eyeshadows as highlighters, cream blushers as lipsticks and bronzers as eyeshadows - whatever works best for you!

12. Hygiene is important. Check use by dates (Meg's guide is great), deep clean brushes often (Dr Bronners Liquid Soap is amazing) and keep note of any ingredients that you are allergic or have reactions to.

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