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Friday, 2 October 2015


At the beginning of each new season I pull out my copy of Eat Pretty, click open a new tab on google and make a list full of the best and most beneficial foods to feast on in the month's ahead. Eating seasonally is not only good for the environment, it saves you money and helps your body to get the best nutrients and support for each season. Here's a few ways to eat seasonally:

1. Visit farmers markets for affordable, local, organic produce.

2. Check for the best prices - Seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables are often a lot more affordable as they are so abundant.

3. Do a little research - I love the Eat Pretty book, it's organised into seasons and so all the information is easily accessible and readily available. It's great to learn about seasonal food, their properties and benefits.

4. Make lists - I save each month's seasonal produce list on Pinterest, it's easy to refer back to and helps you to keep track of what's in season.

5. Snack on Apples - Crisp apples contain pectin and anti inflammatory flavonoids that help to detoxify the body and work to cool your body after the summer's heat.

6. Plan your Meals - My autumn meal repertoire includes, roasted butternut squash and warm kale salads sprinkled with cranberries, chestnut and mushroom puff pastry pies, balsamic roasted parsnips, leeks and courgettes and oven baked sweetcorn wrapped in foil, dripping with melted butter and sprinkled with salt and cracked black pepper.

7. Incorporate spices to add nutrients, enhance flavours and add variety. Cinnamon helps to regulate blood sugars, ginger is anti inflammatory and nutmeg is antibacterial. Added to apple crumbles, hot chocolates and blackberry porridge it makes everything taste delicious and autumnal.

8. Pumpkins and squash are rich in restorative vitamin A, try roasting with a few sprigs of mood boosting rosemary and pair with quinoa, houmous and chard for a warming nourishment bowl.

Do you like to eat seasonally?

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