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Wednesday, 7 October 2015


diptyque pomander review

With the wind rattling at the windows, silver frosted mornings and a definite chill in the air it's now the perfect time to pull out warming, spiced candles.
One of my favourite ways to spend gloomy autumn evenings is to be surrounded by fairy lights and flickering candles as they really brighten up the home and help to give it a cosy feel.

Diptyque Pomander is a divine mixture of citrus and spice that fills the whole room with fragrance whilst conjuring up images of Christmas and the festive season. The combination of orange, cinnamon and cloves work beautifully together and makes Pomander perfect to burn on dark autumn evenings to bring light and warmth to the home.

Like with most Diptyque candles, there's a certain sophistication and luxe feel to Pomander, it's hand finished, has a cotton, lead free wick and is made from a mixture of high quality vegetable/paraffin mix. Diptyque mini candles have an impressive 30 hours burn time and fill the room with fragrance even whilst unlit.

I was a little unsure about the scent until I actually burned the candle as the fragrance slightly differs whilst unlit. However, once lit Diptyque Pomander smells incredible, it's now one of my absolute favourite candles.

What's your favourite autumn candle?

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