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Sunday, 22 November 2015


lush christmas
Things have gotten a little Lush crazy around here recently, with Christmas fast approaching and hot baths welcoming on these cold autumn nights, I've been practically living in Lush, snapping up their festive goodies to use over the next few months.

Lush Father Christmas Bath Bomb: As Snow Fairy is one of my all time favourite products from Lush, It seemed only fitting for me to pick up some more treats from the Snow Fairy scented range. This sweet, candyfloss fragranced Bath Bomb creates swirls of festive red and green in the bath and the sweet scent lingers on your skin for hours after.

Lush Yog Nog Bath Bomb: This cinder toffee/caramel scent is divine. Full of moisturising shea butter, skin softening soya milk, sweet ylang ylang and spicy clove bud oil this incredible Bath Bomb is perfect for winter. I absolutely love this luxurious Bath Bomb and am tempted to pick up another to stock up on, It creates clouds of gold in your bath and is warming, nourishing and comforting. I've heard that you can also chop this into four to make it last longer too!

Lush Magic Wand: Swirling this reusable bubble bar through your bath water transforms it into a dreamy pink lagoon with soft white bubbles. I've had this product before and it lasted me absolutely ages, simply pop it on the side to completely dry and then it's easy to re-use again and again!

Lush The Magic Of Christmas Bubble Bar: This is one of my favourite's from the range. With cinnamon, clove, orange and almond Lush have successfully captured the scent of Christmas in a Bubble Bar. I can't wait to melt into a festive bath full of almond bubbles with gold and tangerine lustre, it seems like the perfect Christmas treat!

Lush Five Gold Rings Bubble Bar: Thanks to this bubble bar I've had The Twelve Days of Christmas in my head for far too long now, I'm not sure how much more Alex (or my neighbours) can take of me belting 'Five Goooold Rings!' each time I spot this laying in my Lush stash, I'm sure they'll be glad when I've finally used it up! This is great value for money, it consists of five gold lustre rings and so will last me at least five festive baths. They have a warming, sweet scent of vanilla and moringa, produce a flurry of soft bubbles and turn the bath a radiant gold.

Lush Fairy Dust: The ultimate 'princess product' this Snow Fairy scented dusting powder leaves skin beautifully scented with a shimmery sheen. I've read that you can sprinkle a little on your bedding too for heavenly scented sheets!

Have you bought anything from Lush's Christmas collection?

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