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Friday, 27 November 2015


With this year set to be one of the coldest and with temperatures plummeting and even scatterings of snow appearing last week, I thought I list down a few ways that I'm preparing to keep warm and healthy this winter. Eating well, investing in warm knits and keeping active are all important factors in my winter prep this year! Here are my plans:

1. Treat yourself to a lot of Lush baths, then climb into a warm pair of pj's to cosy up in afterwards!

2. Find the perfect winter jumper - I've fallen in love with this cosy grey knit from Asos!

3. Invest in a new hot water bottle. Hot water bottles in winter are game changers, slipped under the sheets  or tucked into your Pj's (the best!) they keep you nice and toasty for ages. I have an adorable little faux fur one with a bow, similar to this one and it's just perfect for icy winter days.

4. Spritz a mist of this Vitamin D spray (available here too) in your mouth for a daily dose of vitamin D to keep your immune system in check and winter blues at bay, plus it's peppermint flavoured, which tastes pretty festive!

5. Keep warm with these adorable Unicorn Slippers. With a soft, fluffy lining and the cutest unicorn detailing on the front, these are perfect to keep feet snug and warm.

6. Speaking of Topshop, this fluffy, cloud like Dressing Gown Teddy Robe is a must for me. It's the warmest, cosiest thing to wear, whenever i'm feeling a little under the weather, I bundle myself up in this and it always makes me feel better!

7. Make soup. Homemade soups are an ingenious way to introduce lot's of vegetables into your routine. I like to make a huge batch and then freeze individual portions for weekly lunches. Some of my favourites include Immune boosting butternut squash, red chilli and ginger soup, Comforting leek and potato soup and Antioxidant rich minestrone soup.

8. Stock up on Tea's. Warming cinnamon tea, festive peppermint tea and calming chamomile tea are all staples for me in the winter months to keep me warm. Boil a little extra water to use to fill up your hot water bottle too!

9. Pick up a Lumie light. This is next on my list to buy. The dark, icy winter mornings leave me feeling so tired and lethargic, the Lumie light is supposed to help you to wake up feeling refreshed and energised whilst also helping to banish winter blues. It doesn't give you that awful jolt that standard alarms give you too, it seems like the perfect early morning accompaniment.

10. Keep snug in warm blankets. I recently picked up a soft, cosy one from H&M home but Primark and Zara Home have some great offerings too!

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