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Wednesday, 27 January 2016


I think we've probably all had our fair share of January Blues this winter, with bad news rolling in (devastated about Alan Rickman) and bitterly cold, dark days it's been quite a tough start to the year.
I've pulled together a list of 5 things that have helped to cheer me up this month, (here's a little post from last year too) hopefully these can help to pick you up if your feeling the January blues like me!

1. Lush's Unicorn Horn. 
This magical, multicoloured lustre filled bubble bar is the ultimate mood boosting treat. Full of relaxing lavender and uplifting neroli, It's the perfect little pick me up, Neroli oil actually increases serotonin levels in the brain (which makes you feel cheery) plus the dreamy watermelon pink water and sparkly bubbles are guaranteed to make you smile!

2. Loungewear. 
You probably spotted my ode to Asos pyjamas here last week, there's something about these super soft, cosy pyjamas that have totally brightened up my January. As part of my restful, recharging January plan, these along with Netflix, blankets and tea have helped me to keep cosy, relaxed and warm.

3. Getting lost in a good book. 
The Harry Potter series never fail to cheer me up. After pulling all of the squashy blankets that I own onto the sofa, I light a few candles, pop on some fairy lights and pour myself a large mug full of hot chocolate, It's my fail-safe, comforting pick me up ritual. 
I've recently pre-ordered a few new books too to give me something to look forward to in the months/days ahead. This is my latest preorder, written by the same author as The Selection series, hopefully it will be a good read to get lost in!

4. Treat yourself to something new. 
Whether it's a new lipstick, nail polish, candle or fresh flowers sometimes a new luxe treat can help to cheer you up and make you feel a little happier. I'm tempted to splurge on this dreamy Diptyque candle (that pink packaging!) or maybe pick up some pink tulips to brighten up my mood this winter!

5. Plan the year. 
This January I decided to make a note of all of the positive things upcoming in the year ahead. It's so nice to have the year mapped out with so many things to look forward to and it really helps me to keep a positive mindset. I note everything down each month, from exciting events to book/film/dvd/product releases. For example in February there's my brothers 18th, Valentines day, a planned Ikea shop and lot's of exciting DVD releases to look forward to (The Intern, The Scorch Trials & Hotel Transylvania 2!), in May/June I can look forward to peonies, strawberries and ice cold smoothies, November brings my Birthday, great films - (Fantastic Beasts!!) and a potential trip to the Harry Potter Studios and then there's always so much to look forward to in December!

How do you stay happy in January?


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