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Wednesday, 13 January 2016


This January, instead of harsh detoxes, huge dietary changes and overworking myself with exercise routines that I probably won't stick to, I've decided to take things a little slowly. January is still a cold, bitter Winter month and comforting healthy meals, hot baths and soothing yoga routines are still very much required. As part of my restful, recharging January plan I've picked up a few Lush treats to get myself back on track and to get off to a good start to the year.

My skin has been in desperate need of a pamper after Christmas and so the first thing I picked up was The Sacred Truth Face Mask to help to perk up my complexion. This heavenly fresh mask contains nutritional wheatgrass, moisturising honey and exfoliating papaya enzymes to leave skin soft and glowy. 
This luxe skincare treat is packed full of fresh ingredients and so lasts in the fridge for around three weeks, the recommended twice weekly treatments ensures that the mask is used up in this time. I've used it once already and the results are pretty impressive, I'm positive that it will help get my skin back on track this month!

I just couldn't leave lush without a Unicorn Horn, this multicoloured iridescent bubble bar is such a magical treat. It creates a dreamy watermelon pink bath with clouds of sparkly bubbles whilst the combination of relaxing lavender paired with mood-boosting neroli soothes and lifts spirits - perfect for these gloomy January days!

I picked up this scrubby little block after reading so many rave reviews online. Packed with exfoliating sugar and moisturising murumuru butter, it's the ideal quick fix for dry winter skin. This heavenly scented scrub has been a saviour for my parched skin so far, leaving it soft, pampered and smooth.

With a heavenly mix of peach and apricots, this in shower treat is like sunshine in a bottle. This is a fairly thick shower gel that creates a luxe, rich creamy lather to leave skin silky soft. The golden flecks of glitter and sunny disposition of this cute little product makes for the perfect morning pick me up.

Have you picked up anything new from Lush recently?

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