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Friday, 1 January 2016


Happy New Year! I hope you had a nice NYE! I spent mine at home, watching the fireworks on TV, toasting the New Year with a glass of sparkling elderflower and snacking on cinnamon sugared Churros drizzled with Nutella (amazing!). After noting down last years resolutions and successfully being able to revisit and meet quite a few, I thought that I would make a list for this year too!

1. Declutter.
In 2016 I'm planning on adopting a more organised, minimalistic attitude starting with a huge overhaul of my bedroom. I'm also looking for a better way to organise my make up in 2016, as much as I love my Alex drawers, I don't feel that I utilise them or get the best use of my make up that's stored in it. I also desperately need to clear out my nail polishes!
This year I also hope to change the way that I shop by buying less, better quality things. I'm planning on investing in pieces that I love, rather than buying several of the same thing. Starting with my kitchen I picked up this beautiful pink Anthropologie mug, this gorgeous set of pink alabaster coasters and this dreamy gold cutlery set.

2. Do More.
With anxiety being quite a big issue for me in 2015, I kept to myself, staying indoors most days instead of venturing out. Towards the end of this year, I decided to plan a few exciting events for 2016 so that I can look forward to exploring new places and meeting new people. A few things on the agenda are:
Visit the Harry Potter Studio Tour again (when the Christmas decor is up!).
Discover new farmers markets to find fresh organic seasonal food.
Visit a european Christmas Market.
Join an exercise class, with Alex if only for the lol's at how unfit we are!
Take a day trip to Cambridgeshire.

I also hope to make a little more time 'offline' to do things I love like knitting, calligraphy, cross stitching, colouring in the Harry Potter Colouring book, reading, animal crossing, DIY and yoga.

3. Health.
Starting off the year with a round of Yoga With Adriene's Yoga Camp I hope to propel myself back into exercising after the Christmas slump. I'm also hoping to dust of my NutriBullet and discover some new delicious, healthy smoothie recipes to make daily. My new Spiralizer makes preparing lunch a dream, courgetti with pesto and toasted cashew nuts or halloumi is my new favourite thing to eat!

A few additional goals include:
Staying positive.
Organise, clear out and print out my favourite photos.
Reorganise and update my kitchen.
Read more, aim for a book a month (at least).
Invest in a few, healthy cookbooks to work my way through and to create new signature dishes.
Make wedding planning a priority, save, plan and start to buy things ready for the day!
Grow more, start a windowsill herb garden.

What are your New Years resolutions/goals?

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