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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

A Pampering Lush Haul

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Throughout winter I normally take a lot of time to pamper and care for my skin but it's something I often overlook during the warmer months and my skin tends to suffer for it. This year, I'm determined to up my pampering routine and so I took to Lush to invest in an array of heavenly products to treat and pamper myself this spring/summer.

The first thing I picked up was The Comforter Bubble Bar, I've had my eye on this gorgeous bubble bar for the longest time, it smells heavenly! This comforting and uplifting blackcurrant scented bubble bar is the perfect pampering treat, it creates a dreamy pink bath with soft clouds of bubbles to melt into. Also the bar is huge, smashed into chunks I expect this will last me a while!

After months of trying to use up a huge bottle of shampoo that did nothing good for my hair or scalp, I thought I would give my tired tresses a pamper and give a Lush Shampoo bar a whirl. There's an array of different shampoo bars to choose from for all different hair types, in the end I opted for Jason and the Argan Oil, a Rose Jam scented, shine enhancing, balancing bar. I love the concept behind these handy bars, they're environmentally friendly (no packaging!) long lasting and create a lather of foam and bubbles that you wash with, much more gentle than applying the product directly to your scalp. With argan oil, lemon oil and balancing, restorative rose absolute I have high hopes for this gorgeous shampoo bar, hopefully it will leave me with shiny, soft hair!

I also invested in a round tin to hold and make my bar last even longer, once it's dried you simply pop your bar in the tin to keep it in top condition. Plus, it will hopefully look neat and tidy in my bathroom!

Lastly, the Lemony Flutter Cuticle butter is an incredible all over pampering treat, not only for cuticles, it's ideal for any dry patches, elbows, knees and hands! This dreamy pastel yellow thick buttery cream is full of shea butter, mango butter, coconut oil, beeswax, lanolin, avocado oil - SO many nourishing, moisturising ingredients. It also smells like lemon meringue pie - divine!

Have you picked up anything from Lush lately?

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