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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Little Spring Luxuries

Fresher, lighter meals
Healthy eating seems almost effortless when it's light and sunny outside. It's so much easier to step away from heavy, comforting foods that are more suited to winter and move towards lighter meals on a bright spring day!
Huge punnets of strawberries, ice cold smoothies made with frozen crushed pineapple and coconut water, warm salads, berries, guacamole - there's so many lovely treats to snack on in spring!
Farmers markets are also great to visit at this time of the year, full of fresh produce, inspiration and seasonal picks, they're normally pretty affordable too.

Dewy make up 
Pulling out your highlighters, perky corals, bright pinks and dewy bases is always such a pleasure each spring. I've loved reaching for softer shades and swapping rich moisturisers and nourishing oils for something a little lighter! Popping on a coral pink lip, dewy highlighter or pastel nail polish is such a delight, it instantly freshens and brightens your make up!

Spring blooms
Whether it's spotting a tree in fresh bloom, getting caught in a whirlwind of blossom petal confetti or picking up a bunch of fresh flowers for the home, spring blooms are such a treat to boost your mood. Towards the end of Spring, peonies trickle back into stores, my absolute favourite flower, they really brighten up the home and smell divine!

Sun and showers
Although this season's weather tends to be a little unpredictable (sunshine one day, rain/hail/snow the next!) I love the ever-changing weather. You get the best of both worlds - mood-boosting sunshine with that vitamin D fix and also cold, cosy days where a hot chocolate or a Lush bath wouldn't go amiss!

Wearing lighter shades
I'm not normally one to gravitate away from my dark colour wardrobe picks but this spring has left me reaching for lighter shades, blush pinks and creams. Gorgeous airy white tops, floaty blush pink skirts, dresses and light grey camp's there's so much to choose from!

Here are a few of my favourite spring picks:


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