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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Asos Summer Wishlist

Now that it's officially summer, I'm planning on placing a huge Asos order for the upcoming season. I have a load of pretty blush pink pieces on my wishlist, cute dresses and knits for the rainy summer days - including this adorable pick with unicorn elbow patches! I'm also coveting a few dreamy pairs of Asos pyjamas, I can't decide between the watermelon or avocado print! Here's a round up of my current favourite picks:


Sunday, 26 June 2016

June's Blush Favourites

flatlay beauty blogger
June's rainy start left me reaching for endless mugs of peppermint tea in my favourite Anthropologie mug, it's been the perfect accompaniment to the stormy days! I've also enjoyed scrolling through the Cath Kidston and Primark AW16 hashtags throughout June, Primark A/W looks incredible, embellishments galore, cute bralettes and chic jackets - the dream! I've caught a few glimpses of Rifle Paper Co's 2017 preview on instagram too, everything looks so dreamy!

I finally got my hands on a bunch of peonies this month, once bloomed they lasted a good week and brightened up my whole home. I must have taken around 200 photo's of them, with blush pinks, whites, hints of yellow and soft peach shades they looked almost bridal, the perfect bouquet.

For beauty, I've been keeping things quite simple, torn between wanting to crack out the brights for summer or choosing autumnal hues to match the weather I settled on a few natural blush pink picks instead. My favourite lipstick of the moment is MAC Brave, a pigmented mauve pink 'my lips but better' hue, ideal for a wearable, polished pout. I love wearing it paired with MAC Soar for a gorgeous Kylie Jenner inspired lip too!

For my base, I've been mixing a little of the NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator in Sunbeam in with my foundation for a dewy glow. The shimmering pearl hue with a hint of pink helps to brighten and perk up my skin for all over radiance. I've also been popping the H&M Pale Nude Soft Eyeliner Pencil along my waterline to brighten up my eyes. It's creamy, long lasting and perfect to conceal tired/hayfevery peepers.

On my nails I've been flitting between a few pink Essie shades. My top picks this month have been Essie Sugar Daddy - a delicate sheer pink and Essie Ballet slippers, a glossy pale pink that looks so pretty on the toes!

As a result of the colder days, I've been moving away from cream eyeshadow bases and back to eyeshadow palettes. I've switched out my flat shader brush for the Zoeva 228/luxe crease fluffy blending brush which picks up just the right amount of product and blends eyeshadows effortlessly over the lids. Another fave this month is the 231/luxe petit crease - ideal for smudging out under the lash line. Finally the 221/luxe soft crease is another great pick, it blends out any harsh lines with ease.

Lastly, I've fallen completely in love with Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, I have Fleur to thank again for this luxe pick! To me it smells fresh, floral and slightly powdery with notes of orange, jasmine and rose - heavenly. Also the bottle is unreal, quite possibly the prettiest product I own!

What were your favourite products in June?

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Lush 'Me Time' Picks

lush dream cream review
With the gloomy, rainy weather and a general slump in the air it's the ideal time to take a step back, recharge and take care of yourself. Lush always delivers when it comes to needing a quick pick me up - there are a few products that really help to give you a little boost and a relaxing moment to yourself. I've gathered together and picked up a few new bits to do just that, here are my top, me time pampering picks...

Lush Dream Cream
The lacklustre weather and constant hayfever symptoms have left my skin feeling parched and pretty dry lately. I popped into Lush on the hunt for a quick fix and found Dream Cream, a soothing, nourishing lotion for stressed, unhappy skin. This dreamy, hydrating cream contains oat milk, rose water and chamomile blue oil to treat and heal dry, sensitive skins. There's definitely a reason why this is Lush's number one product, it's already worked wonders on my skin!

Lush Lemony Flutter
One of my favourite ways to pamper, relax and steal a few moments to myself is to flip open a book or magazine and paint my nails with a favourite Essie pick. Once dry, I slather my hands and cuticles with Lush's Lemony Flutter, a buttery multi purpose balm that's packed full of heavenly ingredients like nourishing mango butter, coconut oil and shea butter. It smells incredible - like lemon meringue pie and leaves my cuticles super soft and supple.

Lush Pumice Power
I recently picked up Lush Pumice Power as a treat for my tired feet. I like to fill up my bath with a little water and soak my feet for a while before scrubbing them with this fresh, orange scented bar to buff and polish away any dry skin. Then, I pop on a rich cream and some cotton socks for silky soft, smooth skin.

Lush The Comforter
Lastly, for a comforting, uplifting boost I reach for Lush The Comforter Shower gel or The Comforter Bubble bar - either of these comforting picks are divine! The bright yet comforting cassis fragrance resembles blackcurrant and the hints of vanilla and bergamot are warming, ideal for perking you up if you're feeling a little under the weather. My favourite quick fix when you need to take a little time for yourself, this mood boosting pick lingers on your skin and leaves you feeling cheerful and reassured.

What are your favourite pampering Lush Picks?

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Kitchen Picks

My kitchen is one of the hardest areas to tackle in my home, as it's a rental flat we can't really replace the speckled beige countertops, so it's a little hard to re-vamp. A little update on my kitchen planning post - I've been adding pretty new pieces, gold accents, cute mugs and trivets (mainly from H&M Home) to decorate. Hopefully if we own our own home one day, I'll have everything ready to fit right in!

I picked up these dreamy gold New York mugs here, they're the ideal size for a morning cup of tea. As you can see, I'm pretty obsessed with Pukka teas, the peppermint and liquorice tea is divine!

Lately I've jumped back on the healthy eating bandwagon, I'm obsessed with Deliciously Ella's cookbooks - the butternut squash risotto recipe is delish! I'll usually rustle up something fresh and healthy for tea whilst listening to my Roberts radio, then for a evening treat we've been having a Co Yo whilst watching GoT!

For the occasional treat day when I'm in need of something rich and chocolatey, I like to get my bake on and whip up a batch of Nigel Slaters Chocolate Brownies, this is quite possibly my favourite recipe EVER, they're unreal. I pick up most of my baking accessories from Sainsburys (the copper ones), Anthropologie or Tiger and get most of my inspiration from Pinterest - you can follow me here!

I still have a few more bits to pick up - a marble serving board, a new toaster - I'm also SO in love with these dreamy West Elm coasters.

Where is your favourite place to shop for Kitchen Accessories?

Friday, 17 June 2016

Preparing For Summer

With the winter duvet and bedding packed away (sob) I think it's safe to start prepping for the hot summer days. Although the weather currently is a little temperamental, surely summer and warmer days are on their way soon! I've rounded up a few ways below to combat the heat in preparation for Summer, hopefully they'll help to keep me cool and fresh on warm sunny days!

Sleep Better
I'm definitely not a fan of hot summer nights - the constant tossing and turning, sunny 5am wake up calls and windows slammed firmly shut to keep away any bugs, it's not the one. But, I'm pretty prepared this year. Armed with a sleep mask like this cute one for the lighter mornings, a relaxing deep sleep spray and a cool pair of pyjama's, I'm hoping to sleep a little better. Plus I'm planning on catching a few extra zzz's with cheeky weekend naps!

The hot weather is a difficult place for thick, heavy products. Let skin breathe a little with a lighter base like a BB cream or a tinted moisturiser. If you prefer a high coverage base, try investing in a cooling fixing spray to keep your make up in place all day.
Cream based products are ideal for summer. Great for easy application and longevity, the Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise pots are a favourite pick, with hydrating vitamin e, a lasting formula and soft focus pigments they're ideal for the heat.
Lastly, for a cooling, hydrating fix, pop a misting spray in the fridge to keep fresh throughout the day. A good SPF is essential too.

Keeping your house cool
My flat doesn't like to stay cool in summer, even on the colder days it sticks at 25 degrees inside (the average was 29 on our first year!). As this is now the third summer that we've been here I've managed to pick up a few good tips to keep things cool:
- Plan meals - have a base set of meals that require minimal cooking. My favourites are Cous Cous salads with tofu, veggie hot dogs loaded with avocado and vegan pizzas topped with tons of fresh veggies.
- Make up smoothie packs and pop in the freezer for a quick, nourishing snack or meal.
- Invest in some blackout/thermal curtains, boring but SO worth it.
- Keep curtains closed during the warmest parts of the day to block out the heat of the sun - this makes such a difference to the temperature.

Keep hydrated
This such an important step, even day to day activities in summer can make you super dehydrated!
I like to fill up a huge jug of water, pop in some frozen fruit - blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, squeeze in a fresh lemon. Keep it in the fridge and top up your glass to keep hydrated during the day. Snacking on water rich foods like melon, iceberg, cucumber and drinking coconut water can help to up hydration levels too!
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How do you stay cool in summer?

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

How To Keep That Childlike Sense Of Wonder

I've read and loved so many 30 before 30 posts, but I must admit the thought scares me a little. I'm actually 30 in November and the thing that I'm the most scared about is growing up and loosing a little of that childlike wonder. Instead of setting myself goals that I should have achieved by the big 3-0, here are 30 ways that I'm planning on keeping my sense of wonder alive!

1. Playing Mario Kart all morning, in cute Asos swan pyjamas.

2. Afternoon Harry Potter film marathons on a rainy day, or re-reading the book series for the 1000th time.

3. Picking up a plush My Little Pony, or a Build A Bear Care Bear 'cos they're oh so cute! 

4. Eating ice cream or popcorn for breakfast just because you can!

5. Attempting to cartwheel...

6. ...or finding an open grassy space and running as fast as you can, Phoebe from Friends style.

7. Feeling like a child again at even the slightest hint of Christmas.

8. Ordering vanilla ice cream, with extra sprinkles please!

9. Still having a favourite teddy bear - mine's a soft, plushy gorgeous pick from John Lewis, his name is Albi, short for Albus Dumbledore of course ;)

10. Sporting Hunter Wellies and jumping in puddles when it rains.

11. Or sometimes closing your umbrella as your nearly home and as it starts to pour. Then hopping into a hot Lush bath as soon as you're home!

12. Adult colouring books, because aside from being fun, they actually help you to switch off and clear your mind!

13. Early morning cartoon watching sessions with endless bowls of cocopops.

14. Meals that consist of spaghetti hoops and smiley faces.

15. Pancakes.

16. Hot chocolate before bed, with marshmallows, cinnamon and whipped cream - Yum!

17. Having a sock collection full of bright, colourful picks - covered in prints like these glittery unicorn socks!

18. Also slippers, all of the cat and unicorn slippers please!

19. Disney Films.

20. Or Once Upon A Time marathons.

21. Lego video games, Lego Star Wars and Lego Harry Potter are such fun picks.

22. Baking Frozen themed cupcakes.

23. Skipping.

24. Taking a trip to the Disney store and investing in an adorable mug.

25. Or visiting the Harry Potter Warner Brothers studio tour to see the sights and sip on a Butterbeer!

26. Dancing in the kitchen, to Jimmy Eat World.

27. Growing cress, it's unbelievably easy to grow and actually tastes good too!

28. Listen to a Harry Potter audio book.

29. Take a nap.

30. Make a wish on a shooting star.

What sparks your sense of wonder?

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Bright Lips For Summer

bright lipsticks
Summer is the perfect time to crack out a bold lip - a vibrant pink or orange to pair with a striped tee and a bunch of peonies. Lately, to compliment the lacklustre weather I've also been rocking an autumnal hue, it just feels right to wear a berry lip on a gloomy, rainy day!

First up is the Charlotte Tilbury Kissing Lipstick in Coachella Coral, a spring/summer must-have. Everything about this luxe lipstick is dreamy - from the rose gold packing and lasting, nourishing formula to the wearable perky coral pink hue!

The NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen is my shade of choice for the dreary weather. Creamy, long lasting and a gorgeous deep burgundy red, it's ideal to wear on rainy summer days. This divine, vanilla buttercream scented lip cream glides over the lips like a dream before setting in place for hours - perfect for colder days spent sipping on a peppermint tea!

For a bold summer pick, I recommend Nars Yu, a gorgeous vibrant pink. I just can't get enough of the dreamy Nars lip pencils, the formula is divine - creamy, pigmented and budge proof. Yu is my go-to for lacklustre skin days, it instantly brightens your make up leaving it looking fresh and chic. 

The dreamy Clinique Cherry Pop is a gorgeous, buttery pick with an in-built primer for long lasting colour. This striking red has quite a glossy finish, I like to wear it tapped on lightly and blended in for full, plumped up lips.

Probably the brightest pick of the bunch is the Revlon Matte Balm in Unapologetic, a shocking, bold coral pink and flattering suits all shade. This pigmented matte balm feels creamy and soft on the lips and works so well paired with dewy skin and long lashes - ideal for summer! 

What are your favourite bold lipsticks?

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

A Parched Skin Saviour

I've been on the lookout for a new staple night moisturiser ever since I finished my beloved Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream a few years ago. After coming to the end of the pot, I reluctantly decided not to repurchase it due to the addition of parabens. I've conducted quite a bit of research into parabens and resolved that I just didn't feel quite comfortable using it so often. Since then I've been flitting between different creams, oils and balms but nothing has left my skin feeling quite so good. Until now. Enter the Kiehls Ultra Facial Balm, the richer, balmier and paraben free version of the Ultra Facial Cream.

I actually picked this up on a whim, I thought that this rich, creamy balm would be more suited for autumn/winter but this has been just what my skin needs after the recent spout of cold weather. Although it's a little too heavy for day time use (I use this radiance boosting Origins number in the morning) it's been incredible to use just before bed and has completely transformed my dry, dehydrated skin.

When using this luxurious balm, I take the smallest amount onto my ring finger and then warm it up slightly between the tips of my fingers. I then tap the product on my forehead, cheeks and chin before massaging the silky balm upwards and outwards over my whole face and neck (taking care to avoid my eyes). At first, it feels rich and balmy on the skin but after a short while it sinks in leaving your skin feeling plump, comfortable and super hydrated.

The next day results are pretty impressive, incredibly soft, soothed skin that makes a great base for make up. I'm currently using this every night, although it may be a little rich for some. Once the warmer weather sets in I'm planning on using it tri-weekly along with a lighter cream but come winter, I'm pretty sure I'll be slathering the stuff on day and night!

Have you tried this hydrating balm? What's your favourite night cream?

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Budget Beauty Essentials

I thought I would share a little round up of my favourite affordable picks, these are my top budget beauty essentials, all at under £10 each!

First up are Essie polishes, my favourite highstreet/drugstore nail varnish. Essie are practically the only nail polish brand that I buy now as for me the quality, formula and pigmentation are all second to none. The brush applicator makes application effortless - just three swipes up the nail, two coats and you're good to go! Also, the shade selection is dreamy, Essie Ballet Slippers is the perfect glossy sheer pale pink - ideal for the wedding season and Essie Aperitif is the perfect classic red and suits all shade.

Next up is one of my favourite Lush picks, The Comforter Bubble Bar. This heavenly bath time treat creates a dreamy pink bath with clouds of soft bubbles to relax and melt into. When smashed into chunks this lasts a fair few baths, a little really goes a long way. Also, the scent is gorgeous - a warming, comforting aroma of blackcurrant and vanilla that fills the whole bathroom!

I have a lot of love for the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, everything from the pigmented colour range to the silky mousse like texture that sets in place for hours, these affordable lip picks really are divine! Cannes is gorgeous, a warm rose that's flattering on the lips and a great everyday shade.

My last pick is the Botanics 100% Organic Rosewater Toning Spritz, this is a constant repurchase for me, I must be on at least my 10th bottle of the stuff! Every morning after cleansing I simply mist this over my face and neck before wiping away with a cotton pad. It's so light and refreshing to use and soothing, toning, balancing and calming on the skin. With just 5 ingredients it's just so simple and lovely!

What are your favourite budget beauty buys?

Friday, 3 June 2016

A June To Do List

1. Peonies, peonies, peonies. I need to find and buy some soon!

2. Snap up these adorable Asos Unicorn Flats.

3. Invest in a new misting spray for the warmer days (if we ever get them!), I love the sound of the Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist!

4. Read a little more, I have a few great books lined up to read (Red Queen, Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix & The Queen Of the Tearling) and summer is the perfect time to soak up some vitamin D in the garden and get stuck into a good book or two!

5. Get my DIY on, make a fluffy stool (like this one) for my dressing table or to use as a cute footstool. 

6. Book a trip to the Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studio Tour, it's been far too long since I visited this magical place, I planning on getting my hands on a pink pygmy puff when I'm there too!

7. Make a fort on a warm summers eve, with films, popcorn, fairy lights and the windows wide open!

8. Swap out my sugary breakfast cereal for something a little healthier, like chia pudding topped with strawberries!

10. Plan a trip to the seaside on a warm summers day, with a picnic lunch and buckets of ice cream!

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Five New Accessories

I've recently picked up a few new bits - some classic, statement pieces along with a couple of bright picks for summer. I normally shop for accessories in autumn or winter and so don't have many summer appropriate pieces, with so many pretty picks in store at the moment, there's so much to choose from! Here's what I picked up...

Firstly, I have to give another little mention to this dreamy Topshop Bag, it's simple, structured and chic. The blush pink lining, gold detailing and sleek black finish make this bag feel more high-end than high-street, it's so practical and so far goes with everything I own!

After browsing Asos for some summery accessories (flower crowns, gold leaf headbands etc) I ended up with a couple of all year round picks instead. So far, the cold weather has left me reaching for vampy shades, muted tones and almost halloween-esque picks - like this Velvet Choker necklace. Paired with winged liner, matte eyeshadows, highlighted skin and MAC Whirl on the lips, it creates a gorgeous, chic look that's so 90's!
I also added this bright Pom Pom Ring to a small Asos order to bump it up to free delivery, it's pretty adorable but not really that wearable. It looks ideal for a prop for blog photos and instagram snaps though so I may hang onto it!

With size 2 feet, it's often hard to find a pair of shoes that I love, I was so happy to find these gorgeous M&S Ballerina Ghillies, they're ideal for summer and although they're actually kids shoes, are available in adult sizes too! I had to downsize to a size 1 for these as they come up a little larger than normal, they were pretty painful to wear in too - I definitely recommend wearing them paired with invisible socks for the first few wears!

Lastly, these dreamy rose gold sunnies are a new favourite pick. They're a beautiful metallic rose gold with a pink/red tone to them and are such a flattering style. I had been wearing them non-stop until the sun disappeared, they're so pretty -  super affordable too!
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