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Friday, 22 July 2016

Five Summer Reads

Summer is the perfect time to take a moment to press pause and take a little 'me' time to read. I've been catching up on all of the books that have been on my to read pile for far too long and it's been heavenly, so relaxing. I normally dedicate half an hour or so before bed, away from my phone to just read - or I like to spend a lazy summer weekend getting stuck into a book or two, bliss. My favourite reads are normally YA picks, fantasy novels and reads with a whimsical, magical vibe - I love a cookbook or two too! I've pulled together a few of my favourite picks to flick through this summer:

Red Queen: I read this in just under two days, it's such a captivating, gripping read! It tells the tale of a world that's divided by blood - red commoners against the silver blooded elite who have super-human abilities. The story follows Mare Barrow, a red who somehow ends up in silver court and finds that beyond all odds, she has an ability of her own. It's a great, entertaining read - I'm already half way through the second book Glass Sword! 

The Siren: I'm a huge Kiera Cass fan, her books totally hook me in - they draw in me for hours! Once I start one of her books, all I want to do is to finish it - everything else gets thrown out the window! They provide such an escape whilst I read them, despite the fact that they're a pretty light and easy read, I'm totally oblivious to the world around me! The Selection Series is one of my absolute favourites of hers but The Siren, a stand alone novel with myths, fairytale vibes and of course sirens, is the ideal summer read.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone: The flowing, entrancing style of this delightful read reminds me a little of Philip Pullman's books. It's beautifully written and it's a series that I'll re-read over again. The book completely draws you in, the characters are humorous, defined - so likeable and the story of realms at war filled with Seraphim and Chimaera is gripping!

Deliciously Ella: Right now, I need all of the summery/minimal cooking inspiration that I can get after this heatwave - this healthy cookbook is ideal! I highly recommend this book if like me, you have dairy intolerance's, are vegan or are looking for a good healthy eating cookbook! I hardly have to tweak or substitute any ingredients in this lovely cookbook, It's filled mouthwatering recipes - delicious smoothies, snacks and healthy treats galore!

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Although its not out quite just yet, I had to give a mention to the next Harry Potter instalment. Quite possibly the most anticipated book of the year, the 8th playscript/book follows older Harry and his youngest son Albus. I've pre-ordered and secured my copy from Amazon and I'll be waiting with bated breath on the 31st July - I'm SO excited for it's arrival!!

What's on your Summer to-read list?

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