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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Early Autumn

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The summer held on tightly this September, only letting the bitter autumn breeze whip through the streets in the early mornings whilst the sun rose. Finally cooler days are on the horizon and I for one, am ready to welcome autumn next week with open arms - knitted socks, crackling fires and crunchy leaves can't arrive soon enough for me! 
This Saturday, with a hot chocolate in hand and cosy, slippered feet, I tackled my cluttered home, tidying away the summer brights, sorted through my beauty stash, de-cluttered and passed along a few once-loved things to a better home. Once everything was sparking, clean and like new, I pulled out a few autumn comforts - candles, blankets and squashy cushions, to make my home warm and cosy. 

My pumpkin garland makes an appearance every autumn, it's currently hanging above a shelf filled with candles, fairylights and crystals - one of my favourite parts of my home! Stanley (my Ikea Hawthornia plant), my Roberts radio and a copper lamp also sits atop. Over the summer, Stanley surprisingly had three little baby plants which have to be removed and repotted in autumn, so that's at the top of my top do list for the early autumn days next week!

I've pulled out fresh blankets in burgundy and grey hues to pair with my blush pink and monochrome cushions, ideal for snuggling up on gloomy autumn evenings with a hot chocolate in hand. I've been burning the divine Pumpkin Souffle candle, a roasted pumpkin, nutmeg, ginger, vanilla and maple scented candle whilst reading - heaven!

Lastly, after organising my dressing table and pulling out a few burgundy, copper and shimmery hues, I sorted through my Lush stash, making up a to-use pile so that I can stock up on their Halloween and Christmas collections as soon as they hit the stores! I've also pulled out a few Lush staples, in prep for autumn, the Salted Coconut Hand Scrub leaves skin silky smooth and Lush's Dream Cream, a heavenly, soothing lotion is ideal for dry patches.

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