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Sunday, 30 October 2016

A Few More Beauty Tips...

I thought that I would share 12 more beauty tips (see my first instalment here!) - there's nothing better than learning a new trick or technique to add to your beauty routine! Here's a few old staple tips, new discoveries and quick fixes that I've picked up!

1. Use a light to see how much product is left in opaque bottles, this works like a treat on the Oskia Renaissance Cleanser!

2. Take note of your cheek colour when you're flushed to find your perfect blush shade.

3. Place a towel under the handles of your make up brushes whilst they're drying. I angle mine quite high so that if any water has worked its way into the ferrule, it should simply run back out again to stop damage to the glue and prolong the life of your brushes!

4. Blow dry your hair upside down. Flip your hair over and dry for maximum volume, keep the hairdryer constantly moving to reduce/minimise heat damage.

5. Look out for the little picture of the pot on the back of your make up/skincare packaging, it should have the number of months that it lasts once opened (e.g 12M).

6. Opt for a natural lip balm - considering the fact that we probably ingest quite a lot of lip balm, especially over the colder months, it's best to keep things natural! Love EOS lip balms.

7. Whilst applying a second coat of polish, run the brush along the very tip of the nail to seal in the colour for a longer lasting mani.

8. Use a Jade Roller or try Facial Yoga for improved circulation and elasticity.

9. Place make up you want to use up in acrylic storage so that it's easy to see and reach for. 

10. Keep Q-tips and micellar water close to hand to clean up any mistakes, great for liner and mascara smudges!

11. Lean on your elbow whilst applying liquid liner for a steadier hand.

12. Keep your iPhone clean. Touching your phone and then your face/talking on the phone can increase the chances of breakouts, it's best to keep it as clean as possible!

I hope you liked these tips!

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