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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Birthday Snapshots

2017 agenda
and they lived happily ever after print
flowers wallpaper
starbucks christmas
lush the experimenter
This weekend I had a long, glorious break full of birthday celebrations - family visits with Christmas-worthy roasts, indulgent shopping spree's and cakes and doughnuts galore! I had the time of my life celebrating this year, after a mini meltdown in the months leading up to the day, I'm surprisingly feeling positive about turning 30 - more focused, determined and inspired.

I thought that I would share a few snippets of my day, a little haul of my 'treat yo-self' orders and snapshots of the weekend. This dreamy Agenda was on the top of my wishlist this year, with hopes to be a bit more organised and to fill next year with wonderful plans, it's ideal! I also received a gorgeous jade facial roller to help me in my bid to take better care of my skin, it's perfect to massage and tone, remove toxin build up and even out my skin tone!

Whilst on a spree, I picked up these beautiful decorations from H&M home, they're silver tipped, glittery and so so festive! I also treated myself to a few of the new Essie glitters and had a huge Lush splurge (the experimenter is in the snap above), I'll pop up a post with my Christmas picks later this week! Lastly, I spotted this adorable Starbucks cup, It's what tumblr dreams are made of - with a gold glitter wrap and a peach/pink lid it was love at first sight!

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