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Friday, 11 November 2016

Festive Essie Picks

essie luxe effects
essie glitter
I just can't resist Essie's seasonal glittery picks, they're always released sometime around my birthday and so each year I treat myself to a few shades (there's always a 3 for 2 deal on in Boots or Superdrug too!). This year didn't disappoint, Essie's Luxe picks for 2016 are a dream - glittery, festive and gorgeous hues. I picked up two glitters and a gold from Essie's winter range...

The glitters are divine, tiny micro specks that translate beautifully on the nails - like sparkling stars in glittering night skies. Best applied and dabbed on with the middle of the brush (as is holds and distributes the most glitter!) and paired with a topcoat to smooth over, they last well on the nails and look gorgeous on!

The first shade that I picked up was Essie Glow Your Own Way, a heavenly polish that Christmas dreams are made of! It's sparkly and bronze gold with tiny white specks, reminiscent of falling snow - a little snow globe-esque! Ideal for the party season, this works beautifully scattered over the nails, or layered up as an accent nail. I'm smitten with this polish, it's so pretty!

The next glitter that I reached for was Essie Disco Doll, a delicate silvery pink. This wintry polish is gorgeous, a cool-toned blush rose with micro flecks of silver, again perfect for the party season and for the New Year. It's so flattering on the nails and looks beautiful paired with a mauve polish!

Lastly I opted for Essie Getting Groovy, a metallic palladium gold. This opulent polish is unreal, under a light or in sunlight it glitters and sparkles a dazzling gold. I bought this for gilded tips, but it's so beautiful worn alone too - it's a must-have for December!

I'm so in love with these luxe picks, I may have to go back for the third glittery shade, Essie In The Mood Ring, a glittery onyx and gold!

Have you spotted the new range yet?

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