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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Lush Christmas Treats

lush christmas 2016
With shimmering snowflake lustre, festive candy sweet and spiced cinnamon scents it's no wonder the Lush Christmas collection is one of the most coveted drops in November. Lush bath's are such a welcome treat on icy wintry days, I save up my pennies for the occasion, having a huge splurge each year to re-stock my stash! Here are my Lush Christmas picks this year...

Ideal for autumn and winter, this luxe pick contains rich cocoa butter to pamper and moisturise parched skin. I just adore this heavenly angel, it's such a pretty pick! Relax and unwind enveloped in the balancing, warming and comforting fragrance as it dissolves into flurries of foam with shimmering golden and silver lustre - bliss!

To be totally honest, I initially picked this up for it's instagram potential! The swirls of pink, mint and purple look fairytale-esque, it's divine! I'm so glad that I snapped this up, the scent is unreal - a soothing, calming but fresh, floral and wintry aroma with jasmine, ylang ylang and vetivert.

I just couldn't resist this skin softening treat, simply slather this dreamy cream over your skin whilst in the shower, rinse and then pat dry and allow the conditioning, nourishing oils to sink in. This pampering treat leaves skin silky soft and the candy sweet scent lingers on for hours -  it's a staple for the colder days!

Swirling this reusable bubble bar through the water transforms it into a gorgeous pink bath with a blanket of soft bubbles. With rippling shimmer and the sweet scent of candyfloss, it's a lovely bath-time treat.

This adorable little star is one of my favourite picks this year. Affordable, simple and understated it transforms the bath into a blue lagoon with snowflake lustre and releases tiny stars as it fizzes and melts away. The scent is gorgeous, earthy, sweet with vanilla and uplifting bergamot, one to lift spirits on gloomy days!

Rose Jam and Snow Fairy Shower Gel
These glorious shower gels are festive staples. With sharp, sweet and floral notes of rose and vanilla and with nourishing argan oil, Rose Jam is a dream! Snow fairy is the perfect in shower treat, pretty, pink and candy sweet, it lingers on the skin and keeps skin soft.

Quite possibly my favourite of the bunch, this twilight scented/malty lavender wintertime cream contains skin softening oats, soothing lavender water and nourishing coco butter. The ideal bedside table accompaniment, it's calming, sinks quickly into the skin and helps you drift off to sleep - I think I'm going to have to invest in the larger pot!

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