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Sunday, 27 November 2016

Wintertime Pick Me Up's

winter essentials

1. Keep warm
With a cute hot water bottle, ideal to snuggle up with or to tuck under the sheets before bed, they keep you toasty for hours! I just adore this luxe blush pick, it's unbelievably soft! Soft unicorn slippers, billowy blankets and snug fluffy dressing gowns (this Topshop cloud like one is incredible!) are all ideal for keeping warm in autumn/winter too - light a few candles and sip on peppermint tea for cosy nights in!

2. Treat yourself
Whether it's to a festive Lush bath, a new book (this is next on my to read book, it has rave reviews even though it's a Childrens book!) or to a fresh Essie mani. A little treat can be the perfect pick me up and mood booster if you're feeling under the weather. I've recently splurged on the dreamy Diptyque Vanille candle, with sweet, woody accents and a hint of spice and smoke, it's divine!

3. Nourish
Eating well during the colder months is essential for me, whilst I definitely still indulge in plenty of treats (especially over Christmas!) I try to stick to eating well around 80% of the time to keep my immune system in check. The Eat Pretty Every Day book is my go-to for inspiration, daily snippets and nutritional guidance (love the original Eat Pretty book for seasonal eating too!). Opt for warming soups, stews or stir fry's packed with veggies, dark leafy greens and protein rich pulses. The Deliciously Ella Cookbooks are great for healthy meal inspiration too!
Try topping up your vitamin D intake during the dark wintry months with a spritz of vitamin D spray, or safely in the autumn sunlight with spf on to keep blues at bay.

4. Dream
Dark mornings can leave you feeling a little groggy and tired. Try a misting of the ThisWorks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray before bed, this soothing sleep spray contains lavender, chamomile and leaves you well-rested and relaxed!
The Lush Sleepy Body lotion is the ideal bedtime treat, with skin softening oats, coco butter and calming lavender it helps you to drift of to sleep! Soft pyjamas and fresh bedding are a must-have too - this luxurious satin set looks like just the ticket!

5. Me time
Take a little time out for you - self care is essential as the weather gets colder! Whether it's pampering, colouring in, watching Netflix, reading, or melting into an uplifting Lush bath, try and schedule some time to do the things that you enjoy the most!

What are your Wintertime essentials?

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