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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Making A New House Feel Like Home

I've moved house a fair few times throughout the years, I think this is possibly my twelfth home now! The last move being in November, we moved into a brand new apartment, I was so excited at the prospect of everything being fresh, airy and new, with all white walls, an office and fluffy grey carpets... 
I didn't quite expect things to feel (and be!) quite so cold. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love having white walls, but they can be quite flat and uninviting - not really cosy or homely, especially if they're blue toned. Normally after a move things for me usually tend to just fall into place and feel like home in the end, this time I really had to work to make things feel cosy and like home.
Here's a few things I focused on to make things feel a little more homely, ideal if you just want to switch up your home too!

Add Greenery
Not only will adding plants help to improve indoor air quality, they really bring a place to life too! Cacti and Succulents are great no fuss plants to have around the home, perfect for adding a pop of colour with fresh bursts of green in every room!
Fresh blooms are always a good idea when trying to feel at home, I'm obsessed with buying cheap bunches of pink tulips at the moment, they instantly bring life, vibrance and brighten up the home.

Put Your Faves On Display
Fill the home with your favourite things - whether it's arranging a shelf with pieces from a hobby that you love, piling and stacking books or putting ornaments, trinkets or crystals on display. Make sure that there's something that you love out in every room, several things if you can! That way, when you go to grab a great read, or pick up a calligraphy pen or knitting needles, you discover new nooks and spaces for reading and doing the things that you love.

Light Candles 
If you've just moved, I wouldn't opt to light a brand new candle straight away, instead, choose an old favourite, a familiar scent that's stuck with you for years or that reminds you of home. Diptyque Baies ticks those boxes for me, a heavenly scent with delicate rose and fresh blackcurrant leaves, the warmth and depth feels like my home at spring to me, it's just so appealing!

Set Up Areas In Similar Ways To Recreate That Feeling Of Home
My dressing table is pretty much the same set up as in my last home, everything's just how I like it and it feels familiar - like home. Whether it's styling your shelves, bedside table or setting up your kitchen in way that you know, settle in and then make any necessary changes later on!

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