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Friday, 24 February 2017

Asos Transitional Picks

After a huge wardrobe clear out I took to Asos for a little browse, to find picks for the upcoming months and to look for new staples to add to my collection...

I've picked pieces for the transition into spring, warm knits and cute sunnies too! I'm planning on investing on staples that I can mix and match together and that will hopefully last me a while - a striped tee, a cosy jacket and a floral dress to name a few! It wouldn't be an Asos wishlist without a pair of pyjamas or two too, I may have already snapped up this gorgeous satin set!

Here's my winter to spring, transitional picks!


Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Five Loves This February

The frost bitten, winter days have melted away briefly as milder weather sweeps in, rousing bee's and causing trees to bloom in it's wake. It's starting to feel like spring, and in this seasonal shift I've been exploring new hobbies, coveting spring style pieces and reaching for dewy, radiance boosting make up to leave my skin glowing. I thought that I would share a few things that I've been loving of late, from books to beauty!

Red & Blush Pink
My latest obsession, I just can't get enough of this eccentric colour combo! I normally pick a warm toned, orange based red and start with something small like a red mani, or lipstick to pair with a blush knit. The Essie Polish in Fifth Avenue is a gorgeous orange red - ideal for a polished mani or painted on in cute heart shaped tips!

Getting Lost In A Book
Whilst Caraval was similar in style to the magical, ethereal Night Circus, it was a little different to what I expected. Despite a few frustrating parts, I was gripped from beginning to end whilst lost in this enchanting read. Mystery, adventure and with a glimmer of darkness, it follows the story of two sisters who enter Caraval, a once a year, week long performance where the audience participates in the show. It tricks, misleads and plays games with the reader with it's twists and turns as you follow their journey through Caraval. With romance, enchantments and whimsy, this compelling read is certainly entertaining! 

Along with scattering fresh blooms, plants and foliage around my apartment, I've fallen for floral and leaf print pieces too. This adorable make up bag is the perfect size to hold my everyday make up and the dreamy Diptyque Rosa Mundi candle has been brightening up my dressing table. I can't wait for tulips, daffodils and cherry blossom to be in full bloom, but for now my home is filled with greenery!

Wardrobe Updates
After a huge clear out, I'm focusing on staple pieces and on creating a more minimal wardrobe stocked with just the things that I love. I adore this cropped blush jumper, it's ideal paired with a-line skirts (similar one to mine above here) or black skinny jeans. These Topshop loafers are another new find, they're chic and so comfortable! 

Nars Make Up
I've always been a fan of Nars, but more and more they're becoming a top contender for my all time favourite make up brand. I'm slowly building up quite a collection, opting for their dreamy offerings on an everyday basis. Nars lip pencils are unreal - creamy, pigmented and long lasting, some of the best that I've tried! I also adore Nars Blushers, Deep Throat is a gorgeous, peachy pick that perks up the complexion! Lastly, I've mentioned my love for the Nars Radiance Primer a few times this month, with SPF35, skincare benefits and peach pink light reflecting pigments, it's ideal for boosting tired, lacklustre skin - how pretty is the packaging too?!

What have you been loving this February?


Sunday, 19 February 2017

A Make Up Reshuffle

make up storage

At even a whisper of spring, I get the urge to start clearing out, sorting through and rearranging my home! Starting with my beauty products, I spent a little while this week rifling through my stash, pulling out old favourites, tucking vampy hues to the side and boxing up any unloved make up to send off to give and makeup.

This is my current set up, I've moved around my brushes (storing them in a cute H&M home glass for now), sorted through my dressing table drawer and started to slowly whittle down my stash. I think it works for now! My beloved muji drawers house most of my luxe picks, making it a real treat to reach into a draw and pick up a MAC lipstick or Nars blusher to apply.

floral make up bag

I've packed my everyday make up in this gorgeous floral & leaf print make up bag. It's the ideal size and perfect for on the go. A few daily picks include the Sleek Contour Kit, a handy kit that makes sculpting effortless with it's easy to work with shades, Topshop Glow Highlighter in Polish (this ethereal cream highlighter is unreal!) and the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blusher in Diffused Heat, a radiant coral blush. I've also been using the Nars Radiance Primer for a dewy glow, the Nyx Jumbo Eyeliner in Milk to brighten up my tired peepers and the gorgeous Charlotte Tilbury Kissing Lipstick in Coachella Coral!

make up storage ideas
zoeva rose gold brushes

I'm trying to incorporate a little more greenery and foliage around my home, to improve the air quality, brighten up the place and make it feel fresh and new. The Diptyque Rosa Mundi candle fit's in beautifully, it's whimsical scent of rose, bergamot and lychee is divine - how dreamy is the packaging?!

malm dressing table drawer

Inside my drawer I have sections for eyeshadows, blushers and palettes - it's basically an extension of my everyday favourites! I'm looking to replace the white boxes with something a little more sturdy, the muji pots look ideal. It also houses my fragrances too!

I store the rest in my Alex drawers, for now, but I'm looking for a better solution - something practical but pretty! - What do you think of my current set up?

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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Winter To Spring, Transitional Beauty

Despite the gloomy days, I've been craving for fresher beauty picks for the slow transition into spring. With snow flurries one day and a hint of spring in the air the next, I've been torn between reaching for berry tones or corals! As the weather marches on in a rather haphazard method, I've settled on a few faves and pulled out some new picks to get me though these ever changing days!

A winter full of tucking my hair into knitted scarves in a desperate attempt to save it from the harsh gales has left my tresses tired, tangled - a dry mess. I often find hair masks quite tricky to work into my daily routine, but the Phyto PhytoKeratine Ultra-Reparing Mask* is a dream! Simply run this nourishing treatment thorough the ends of your hair, massaging in gently before rinsing away well - it's so easy to pop on whilst in the shower and works in just a few minutes! It contains two types of hyaluronic acid and is a saviour for my parched hair - I will have swishy, manageable hair for spring!

For skin, I've retained the rich creams for now (I'm not quite ready to switch to lighter creams just yet!) and added the addition of a silky oil to up my skincare game. I simply mix a couple of drops of the dreamy Oskia Restoration Oil* into my day or night moisturiser for an added hydration boost. Designed to even out skintone, improve elasticity and restore vitality, this divine oil really does cover it all! Alongside this and before applying make up, I've been using the Nars Radiance Primer to provide me with a dewy glow. This instantly perks up my dull winter skin with pearlescent peach pink pigments and along with SPF 35, it also contains plant extract to boost vitality too!

For make up, I've fallen for a new addition to my stash Nars Deep Throat, a perky peach blusher that's ideal for radiant, fresh skin. For my eyes, I adore the Charlotte Tilbury Eyes To Mesmerise in Jean. A vitamin E enriched, heavenly pick, this shimmery champagne creamy eyeshadow blends effortlessly and brightens up the eye area with it's light reflecting pigments!
Finally, on my lips, I've settled for another gorgeous Charlotte Tilbury find, the Kissing Lipstick in Coachella Coral - a wearable coral pink. I'm all about peachy, dewy make up right now!

Lastly, on my nails I've opted for Essie Maximilian-Strasse Her, a pretty muted grey/blue with a creamy, lasting formula. My go-to when I'm not sure what to wear, it's such a flattering hue!

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Adding Metallic Accents

Something that I'm so obsessed with right now, a touch of silver, brass/gold or rose gold can really help to pull everything together in a room. Gold accents, detailing or hardware can give a luxe feel and make an area look chic, pretty and bright. 
I tend to stick to smaller pieces when adding metallics to my home - trinkets, frames, ornaments, think little accents for a pop of colour.

If In Doubt, Start Small
Try adding a gold picture frame, a mirror with gilded edges, or pieces with brass hardware if you're unsure where to start when decorating with metallics. I recently picked up a gorgeous gold rimmed glass from H&M home, it's ideal for storing my Zoeva Rose Gold brushes in or for serving up chia pudding! I also snapped up this dreamy watering can, I love everything from the colour to the design - it's perfect for watering my houseplants! The alabaster bookend with brass inlay makes a great addition to a book shelf too, or try a simple desk lamp to spruce up your workspace!

Match Metallics To Your Colour Theme
For example, warm tones like brass and gold pair well with warmer colours (like blush pink) and cooler metals like silver with mint greens. I find that rose gold tends to work both ways - copper can be quite warm yet some rose golds look quite silvery and so mix well with cool tones too! 
Gold paired with navy or grey is also a heavenly match, along with crisp light, white spaces with brass and marble.

Something that I also adore is metal veined furniture, metallics and wood are a divine match! Pieces that combine oak and brass are my favourite, like this cute side table. The gold/brass hardware is the ideal investment, it's a timeless match!


Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Five Instagram Photo Editing Apps

Despite the dreaded algorithm Instagram is still my favourite app (you can follow me here!), I love the platform for sharing snippets, micro blogging and for endlessly scrolling through pretty photos and inspiration on my feed. And with the addition of Instastories, I feel like I've grown to know the people behind the shots even more too!
I'm quite particular with the apps that I use to edit my pics, I've tried a few but these are my absolute favourite for tweaking and editing my photos. My main aim is for bright (but not washed out), crisp photos with a slight dreamy feel to them. These are the apps that help me along the way to try to achieve that look!

Best for filters, this handy photo editing app contains an array of presets to give a professional vibe to your pics with little effort. It's hard to over edit - the filters can be subtle, enhancing and bringing everything together which I love.
The actual photo editing side is a bit of a love or a hate thing, the latest update & scroll slider has made it easier for precision edits, but it still can be a little bulky. I actually love it for editing the brightness, contrast and for tinting and for adjusting the temperature but I tend to save the other bits... extra sharpening and saturation for another app. It's worth investing in a few presets to find your style - my favourites are the C series, H series, S series and A series.

This is my go to app for light leaks, precision edits and for flipping/mirroring my selfies. The light leaks are great for brightening up dark areas in a photo, for adding a dreamy feel and for adding dimension to your pics. The sharpening and saturation tools are pretty great too!

The one for fine tuning and tweaking, the brush tool is ideal for small touch ups and precision editing. You can pinpoint and precisely edit one part of the photo - up the saturation of a lipstick, or brighten up a dark spot. It also has a handy healing tool for blemishes, flecks of dirt or to edit out something small in your pic!

The filters in this dreamy app are so beautiful, I've actually been opting for these over a vsco preset lately. I have the Flashes Of Delight Set, but I'm planning on investing in one or two more, they all look beautiful! I love that you can layer up the filters without having to re-upload, it doesn't seem to effect the quality of the photo at all - even with pics from my dslr!
I adore that this has a curves option, so useful if your used to editing in photoshop/pixelmator - the vibrance tool is pretty great too!

I actually really love the Instagram filters and editing tools! Sometimes I'll layer up an Instagram filter over a Vsco or ABM Colorstory filter, there's a few good picks to choose from. The tools are good for levelling photos, adjusting highlights, shadows, sharpening, altering the temperature and tweaking the saturation.

What are your favourite photo editing apps?

Sunday, 5 February 2017

5 Ways To Boost A Dull Winter Complexion

tips for glowing skin in winter
The weather is nearly as grim as the news right now. Grey, rainy days mixed with frozen frosts and icy gales combined with moisture sapping heating has wrecked havoc on my skin, leaving it parched, tired and lacklustre. I find that at times like these, I need a little more than just skincare to perk up my dull complexion. Here's a variety of ways that I keep my skin happy in winter..

Reach For Skin Boosting Nutrients
Try to introduce lot's of fresh fruits, vegetables and steer clear of processed, sugary foods and milk chocolate. Choose omega rich chia seeds (try blending them into smoothies or making chia pudding!) and vitamin c abundant foods like pomegranate seeds to produce collagen and boost the immune system, they're great for their antioxidant properties and for their ability to promote healthy, radiant skin! 

Super Easy Chia Pudding with Pomegranate Seeds (glass from here!) - Place 1tbsp of chia seeds, 1 cup sweetened almond milk, a dash of vanilla paste, a sprinkle of cinnamon into a jar with a lid and mix together until well combined. After an hour, give the mixture another stir/shake the jar and place in the fridge overnight. Stir/shake again and then layer chia pudding and pomegranates for a delicious breakfast/snack!

Plenty Of Water
During winter, it's easy to forget to drink as much - a cold glass of water isn't always appealing on an icy winter's day! Try warm, ginger tea for a hydrating skin boost - ginger is anti-inflammatory (great for helping to clear up skin), improves circulation, fights free radicals and again is rich in antioxidants. Opt for herbal teas and make a note to try to get your 8 glasses of water a day!

Facial Yoga
For when your skin looks tired, sallow and lacks elasticity, face yoga or massage helps to improve circulation, release tension and can even help with fine lines. I normally follow along with this routine, or use an oil paired with a Jade face roller. Simply sweep the roller in long strokes working away from the nose - it leaves my skin glowing!

Pampering Skincare 
Rich creams, oils or balms are saviours for dull, dehydrated skin! The Oskia Restoration Oil* is a heavenly, replenishing treat. This lightweight oil glides over the skin, sinks in beautifully and keeps skin plump and hydrated all day. It contains a blend of nutrients, omega rich, anti-inflammatory, healing and hydrating plant and flower oils that work wonders on the skin! Worth it's luxe price tag, it leaves your skin glowing, evens skintone, improves elasticity, restores vitality and tackles fine lines - it covers pretty much all your skin woes!

Radiance Boosting Makeup
The Nars Radiance Primer SPF35 is a new pick that yields impressive results. With added skincare benefits, this dreamy primer contains Evodia Rutecarpa a plant extract (of which the fruits are used in chinese medicine) to promote vitality and SPF35 so you can reap the long term benefits too! The peach pink pearlescent pigments impart a glow from within look, it instantly revives dull skin and perks up your complexion for dewy radiance skin. 

How do you keep radiant skin in winter?

Friday, 3 February 2017

Valentines Gifts To Splurge On

I have such a love/hate relationship with Valentines day - normally I'm not too much of a fan, but I'm totally embracing it this year! Gimme all the Valentines Day nostalgia (despite never getting any secret admirer cards when I was a kid!), cheesy heart shaped cards and romantic candlelit meals! In all honesty, I'm not sure that Alex has got the memo and so I'm sure it'll be the same ol' routine for me this year, I'll rustle up something to eat on the day and we'll exchange cards to mark the occasion!

I just can't get enough of the Valentines themed products right now, each year I eagerly await Diptyque's dreamy valentines day offering (Diptyque Rosa Mundi looks divine!), Lush's cute picks are always worth a look too, here's a little Valentines day wishlist - things to splurge on or treat yourself to!


Wednesday, 1 February 2017

A February To Do List

1. Attempt Jessica's vegan pancake recipe, garnish with strawberries, chopped almonds, drizzle with maple syrup or sprinkle with lemon and coconut sugar. I normally opt for a crepe-type pancake on Pancake day (28th!), I'm planning on whipping up a dairy free version with a dash of vanilla and cinnamon in the mix - delish!

2. Embrace Valentines day this year. Although I'm not normally a huge fan, with the constant, grim news a cheesy day to love and cherish those close to you is just what I need right now. 

3. Look up at the stars on the night of the 11th February, look for the full Snow Moon, Penumbral Lunar Eclipse (visible 10th-11th Feb) and the New Year Comet just before sunrise.

4. Snap up a tulle skirt, to pair with trainers and warm knit's in the spring. I love this Topshop blush skirt, this mauve sale pick is cute too! 

5. Take some Me Time. Pick up some new wool (love this peach & pink fleck wool) to knit a snug blanket, download Stardew Valley (This looks like a mix between Animal Crossing & Secret Of Mana!) or schedule an afternoon off to watch Harry Potter with a cinnamon hot chocolate. 

6. Pick up fresh bunches of daffodils, light scented candles (how dreamy does The White Company's Spring candle sound?!) and bake almond meal chocolate chip cookies for a cosy feel to the home.

7. Splurge on Nars make up. The new Nars Radiance Primer SPF35 sounds divine, a heavenly pick with added skincare benefits. Or maybe a new blush - a cult pick like Deep Throat or Bumpy Ride, a pretty spring coral pink blusher - just for the Harry Potter reference!

8. Take a peek at the Lush Valentines collection - the dreamy pink Cupid Bath Bomb looks divine, Lush's Unicorn Horn is also a lovely, uplifting treat for the gloomy winter days!

9. Crack on with wedding planning, look to Pinterest for inspiration, decide on a destination and find a wedding ring - possibly something unique like the gorgeous catbird nyc rings (this one is the dream!).

10. Read up on my Horoscope for the month of February, sometimes it's scarily accurate, sometimes not so much. Although the Astro Twins seem to have it spot on more often than not!

What's on your to do list for February?
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