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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Adding Metallic Accents

Something that I'm so obsessed with right now, a touch of silver, brass/gold or rose gold can really help to pull everything together in a room. Gold accents, detailing or hardware can give a luxe feel and make an area look chic, pretty and bright. 
I tend to stick to smaller pieces when adding metallics to my home - trinkets, frames, ornaments, think little accents for a pop of colour.

If In Doubt, Start Small
Try adding a gold picture frame, a mirror with gilded edges, or pieces with brass hardware if you're unsure where to start when decorating with metallics. I recently picked up a gorgeous gold rimmed glass from H&M home, it's ideal for storing my Zoeva Rose Gold brushes in or for serving up chia pudding! I also snapped up this dreamy watering can, I love everything from the colour to the design - it's perfect for watering my houseplants! The alabaster bookend with brass inlay makes a great addition to a book shelf too, or try a simple desk lamp to spruce up your workspace!

Match Metallics To Your Colour Theme
For example, warm tones like brass and gold pair well with warmer colours (like blush pink) and cooler metals like silver with mint greens. I find that rose gold tends to work both ways - copper can be quite warm yet some rose golds look quite silvery and so mix well with cool tones too! 
Gold paired with navy or grey is also a heavenly match, along with crisp light, white spaces with brass and marble.

Something that I also adore is metal veined furniture, metallics and wood are a divine match! Pieces that combine oak and brass are my favourite, like this cute side table. The gold/brass hardware is the ideal investment, it's a timeless match!


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