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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Five Instagram Photo Editing Apps

Despite the dreaded algorithm Instagram is still my favourite app (you can follow me here!), I love the platform for sharing snippets, micro blogging and for endlessly scrolling through pretty photos and inspiration on my feed. And with the addition of Instastories, I feel like I've grown to know the people behind the shots even more too!
I'm quite particular with the apps that I use to edit my pics, I've tried a few but these are my absolute favourite for tweaking and editing my photos. My main aim is for bright (but not washed out), crisp photos with a slight dreamy feel to them. These are the apps that help me along the way to try to achieve that look!

Best for filters, this handy photo editing app contains an array of presets to give a professional vibe to your pics with little effort. It's hard to over edit - the filters can be subtle, enhancing and bringing everything together which I love.
The actual photo editing side is a bit of a love or a hate thing, the latest update & scroll slider has made it easier for precision edits, but it still can be a little bulky. I actually love it for editing the brightness, contrast and for tinting and for adjusting the temperature but I tend to save the other bits... extra sharpening and saturation for another app. It's worth investing in a few presets to find your style - my favourites are the C series, H series, S series and A series.

This is my go to app for light leaks, precision edits and for flipping/mirroring my selfies. The light leaks are great for brightening up dark areas in a photo, for adding a dreamy feel and for adding dimension to your pics. The sharpening and saturation tools are pretty great too!

The one for fine tuning and tweaking, the brush tool is ideal for small touch ups and precision editing. You can pinpoint and precisely edit one part of the photo - up the saturation of a lipstick, or brighten up a dark spot. It also has a handy healing tool for blemishes, flecks of dirt or to edit out something small in your pic!

The filters in this dreamy app are so beautiful, I've actually been opting for these over a vsco preset lately. I have the Flashes Of Delight Set, but I'm planning on investing in one or two more, they all look beautiful! I love that you can layer up the filters without having to re-upload, it doesn't seem to effect the quality of the photo at all - even with pics from my dslr!
I adore that this has a curves option, so useful if your used to editing in photoshop/pixelmator - the vibrance tool is pretty great too!

I actually really love the Instagram filters and editing tools! Sometimes I'll layer up an Instagram filter over a Vsco or ABM Colorstory filter, there's a few good picks to choose from. The tools are good for levelling photos, adjusting highlights, shadows, sharpening, altering the temperature and tweaking the saturation.

What are your favourite photo editing apps?

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