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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Fresh, Spring Lush Picks

As tree's unfold in full bloom, sleepy queen bee's drift in the mild breeze and the first signs of hayfever tickle your nose, it's truly beginning to feel like spring! I take this as an indicator, a green light of sorts to kickstart the spring cleaning - clearing clutter and ensuring that every corner of my home is squeaky clean! Whilst tackling my bathroom, I noticed that my Lush supplies were dwindling, my last sparkly pumpkin a crumbly, sorry mess and a lonely magic wand with the bell missing from the festive season. I decided to take to Lush to spy their new spring collections and to replenish my stash. I thought I would share the pieces that caught my eye, along with a couple of old favourites that always make a re-appearance for me at this time of the year too!

Oh my, this smells heavenly! With a honey sweet, rich, warming and uplifting citrus fragrance, this mouthwatering, moisturising scrub smells good enough to eat! It's cleverly striped with layers of exfoliating ground almond and coconut pieces and richly nourishing shea butter, coco butter and coconut oil. It leaves skin silky soft - it's a whole pampering treatment in one! I've completely fallen for this cute lil bee, I'm tempted to pick up another to stock up!

I'm a sucker for Lush's shower gels, they lather beautifully, leave skin soft and the scent normally lingers for hours after. I picked this up on a whim - described as a floral bouquet of jasmine and rose, with uplifting neroli to lift spirits, I couldn't resist. However, the scent is so subtle - a plus if you find Lush scents a tad strong, but for me it was a bit of a let down. It leaves skin soft and extremely clean but it's also very pigmented, so orange that it took a lot of rising to remove! It's possible that I got a faulty batch - I haven't seen any other reviews yet so I can't compare, but I think next time I'll stick to something I love - like the Comforter Shower Cream.

I fall for this toffee sweet sparkly egg each year, it's reminiscence to the Harry Potter Triwizard Tournament Golden Egg just makes it irresistible to me! The glittery gold layers melt away when placed in the bath, infusing the water with a luxe, moisturising mix of oils. With olive oil, cocobutter and uplifting sweet orange and bergamot oils, it's ideal for parched, post winter skin! 

This gorgeous, buttery, multi-purpose balm is an all over pampering treat! It contains shea butter, mango butter, coconut oil, beeswax, lanolin, avocado oil... so many nourishing ingredients! You only need the smallest amount of this lemon meringue pie scented pick to smooth over any dry patches and it leaves skin soft and supple.

This year round saviour is a staple to keep lips in top condition. It buffs, smooths and preps lips with hydrating coconut oil, jojoba oil and sea salt and caster sugar to exfoliate. Another divine scented pick from Lush, it's toffee sweet, buttery and has a hint of sea salt - Yum!

Have you spied the new Lush Spring collections yet?

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