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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Writing Posts, A Few Tips

Writing is something that I've totally fallen in love with through blogging. It was always something that I struggled with the most on my blog, until about a year ago when I set my mind to improving my skills. Styling and photography always used to be my first love when it came to composing a post, but now I love the writing aspect just as much!

When it comes to writing, or storytelling, with just one line, a small sentence you can leave a reader gripped in their seat, make them travel across tumbling, glistening seas, glide through smoke as they flit across the universe - anything you can dream! 
I try to keep a hint of this, a sprinkle of magic when I write. Even though whilst talking about lipsticks and candles it can be a little tricky, I like to think that it keeps things interesting, and it keeps me inspired, always wanting to learn more and work harder.

"The Christmas decorations are down, there's a general slump and gloomy feel as sleet mixed rain lashes at the windows, hard winter frosts vein through the streets and icy draughts nip at your skin. Bundled up in a squashy, soft dressing gown with candles lit, a mug of tea and slippered feet, a restful wintry routine is a welcome treat on the harsh winter weekends. "  - full post here.

I'm still learning every day and I'm no way an expert but with photography how to's, tips and tricks galore I thought I would share a few of my tips for the other side of blogging, the writing!

In my opinion, this is the best way to advance your writing as reading allows you to learn and equips you with the knowledge to improve your writing. Choose books you love, and devour them! Each author has a different writing style, so just keep reading as much as you can! I always have a book on the go and normally opt for YA fantasy picks (my favourite), I ensure to make time to read each day, normally for half an hour or so before bed.

Set The Mood
Another important factor for me, is to set the mood. Surround yourself with things that inspire you and encourage you to focus. If I'm struggling with writers block or can't seem to stop procrastinating then I light a few candles, make a peppermint tea and pop on It instantly sets me up to write!

I'm always learning new words, I find that jotting down my favourites in a notebook helps me if I'm stuck or struggling to describe something. I also look out for words that catch my eye, that I love and note them down to use. Alex always laughs when I say ethereal, I try and say it as often as I can - I just love the word!

Get Inspiration 
Again from books, but also magazines, beauty articles, see how copywriters words seem to just flow - and take note!
I recommend reading anything that Jennie writes - her way with words is so lovely, inspirational and captivating! I also am in awe of Michelle's writing style - it's so beautiful!

Do you have any tips for writing posts?

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